Hot Spring Spas


IHT awarded 2012 Territory Dealer of the Year - Region 4

4 Years in a Row

2011 Territory Award

2014 Certified Retail Store


IHT Won the BEST LOCAL Hot Tub Store Award
5 Years in a Row

Based on independent audited results of Sales, Service, Operations & Customer Satisfaction.

Spasearch magazine is pleased to announce that International Hot Tub Co. has received the coveted Spasearch Certified Retail Store award - the only independent retail endorsement in the hot tub industry. Proving their longtime commitment to excellence, International Hot Tub Co. has met all the standards of the rigorous certification process.

Completely independent and based solely on merit, hot tub retailers earn the Certified Retail Store status by demonstrating excellence on every level, from employee training to consumer satisfaction. To maintain complete impartiality, all results were tabulated through a team of third-party auditors, ensuring that this certification was won fairly and not influenced by advertising dollars.

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Aqua 100


One of the Top 100 Businesses in the Spa and Pool Industry
1996 through 2013

Each year AQUA magazine recognizes 100 companies which excel in customer service, product knowledge, quality craftsmanship, store design, and advertising & promotion.

Flex Your Power Award Winner



Watkins Manufacturing, makers of Hot Spring Spas, the world's number one selling brand of portable spas, has been recognized by Flex Your Power, California's statewide energy efficiency campaign, as a leader in energy efficiency with a Flex Your Power Award.

AQUA 100 Hall of Fame


Inducted 2001!

IHT Awards & Affiliations

  • Watkins Manufacturing Territory Dealer of the Year 
    1993   1998  1999   2001   2009   2010   2011 
  • One of the Top 10 Hot Spring Spa Dealers - Worldwide 
  • Watkins Manufacturing Multiple Store Productivity Dealer of the Year 
    1994   2000
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Member of the Denver and Boulder Chamber of Commerce 

Our Manufacturers have been recognized for Many Awards

Consumer Digest Best Buy Award
  • Hot Spring, Caldera, and Tiger River Spas Have Received National Recognition and Awards
  • Best Buy Award, Hot Spring Aria Model - 2nd time 
    and Caldera Martinique Model - 2nd time
    Consumers Digest Magazine 2011
  • Best Buy Award, Hot Spring Aria Model 
    and Caldera Martinique Model
    Consumers Digest Magazine 2007
  • Best Buy Award, Hot Spring Vanguard Model 
    Consumers Digest Magazine 2003
  • Best Buy Award, Tiger River Bengal Model 
    Consumers Digest Magazine 1998
  • Best Buy Award, Hot Spring Classic Model 
    Consumers Digest Magazine 1995 
  • Best Buy Award, Hot Spring Sovereign Model 
    Consumers Digest Magazine 1992 
  • Best Buy Award, Hot Spring Home Spa Model 
    Consumers Digest Magazine 1986 
  • Dealer of the Year Award, Caldera Spas 2012 


John Holcomb Silver Award

3 time winner of the prestigious John Holcomb Silver Award for Technological Advancement in the Pool and Spa Industry, including the Holcomb Silver Award for the No-Fault 6000 Heating System, a Hot Spring/ Tiger River Exclusive feature.


NSF P181 Certification

Hot Spring Spas are the only spas with NSF P181 certification, meaning they've met comprehensive standards for overall safety and performance of the entire spa - not just certain parts. With the introduction of P181 certification, the NSF raised the bar in spa safety. NSF is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to help consumers live safer everyday.


ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification - The highest International Certification Standard for Design and Manufacturing Excellence.