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Modern Spa Cover • Hot Tub & Swim Spa Covers

SunCatcher & DuraCore
The Modern Hot Tub Covers


Now you can choose a cover that looks beautiful, is long lasting, requires no maintenance for UV protection, and can save enough energy to pay for itself many times over. Choose from the Original DuraCore or SunCatcher with automated solar panels.

Modern Spa Covers DuraCore Cover

Dura Core Modern SpaCovers features the latest hot tub cover technology.

Your custom DuraCore Cover provides an advanced marine fabric exterior and a tough internal core.

  • Custom made to fit your exact spa measurements.

  • Installs like a regular cover.

  • Won’t get waterlogged or gain weight over time.

  • More than twice the insulating value of standard foam covers.

  • Stands up to hail, cracking, fading, snow and heavy loads.

  • Eco-friendly and safe.

  • Beautiful, light fabric covering

Modern Spa Covers SunCatcher Cover

SunCatcher Modern SpaCovers features the latest in Solar hot tub cover technology. All the benefits of DuraCore plus Solar.

  • All the same features as DuraCore.

  • Built-in solar water heating.

  • Delivers up to 1200 Watts of heating.

  • Automatic snowmelt.

Solar Features

  • Small fans inside the cover circulate air to bring the sun’s heat to the bottom of the cover, where it radiates down to the water.

  • An electronic controller regulates fan function to maintain desired spa temperature.

Snowmelt Features

  • SunCathcer’s sensors detect the presence of snow and circulate air inside the cover to bring your spa’s heat to the top when it is needed to prevent snow buildup.

  • Requires SunCatcher Max with external power adapter.

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Modern Spa Covers Best Green Products Award