The Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Hot Tubbing

Buoyancy, heat and massage create the wellness effects of hot tubbing. This is defined as hydrotherapy- the therapeutic use of warm water. Our bodies weigh 90% less in water, reducing the pressure of gravity on our muscles and joints and therefore giving us a sense of weightlessness and buoyancy. Heated water raises our body temperature, … Read More

The Perfect Thanksgiving Bird on the Perfect Grill

Thanksgiving is in a couple of days! According to the National Turkey Federation, Americans will consume around 45 million turkeys on a day filled with gratitude and togetherness. From IHT to your home, a little guide on selecting the Perfect Turkey for your Big Green Egg grill and/or Weber this holiday season! You may feel option overload…but relax.  … Read More

hot tubbing in the snow teaser…(just text up for draft now)

BUT using your hot tub in the snowy, wintry months is a great way to prevent sickness. Hot tubbing flushes out toxins and refreshes our lungs with cold air, which helps with coughs. And hot tubbing in the snow is an incredible way to beat cabin fever! Additionally, a hot tub is a great way … Read More

Spa Stories from Boulder

Just some kind words from some of our fave customers. There’s more where that came from. We’re in it for a lifetime (literally and figuratively).  

Staff Profile: Jeff Ball

 Length of time selling hot tubs and pools: 8 years Hometown: Londonderry, New Hampshire College: Keene State College Favorite thing about Colorado: The weather