5 Tips for Enjoying Your Wood Fireplace Safely in Your Home

Adding a wood fireplace to your home provides warmth to any area and a place to gather for treats or drinks. While there are so many positives to having a wood fireplace, you also need to consider how to keep everyone safe while enjoying it! At IHT, we have developed five tips for enjoying a wood fireplace safely. These tips will ensure you enjoy your wood fireplace with friends and family for years to come.

1. Watch Children Around the Wood Fireplace

The most important of our tips is to keep a close eye on children and pets while using the fireplace. If you have small children, you know they can be impulsive sometimes, quickly leading to a dangerous situation and someone getting hurt. 

It’s best to come up with a list of safety rules for your children to follow and remind them often of them. These rules can include:

  • No sitting too close to the fireplace
  • Do not place items in the fireplace to burn
  • Do not touch the fireplace tools
  • If you have questions about the fireplace, ask an adult first

It’s also a good idea to store items like matches and lighters high out of reach of small hands.

Keeping a close eye on children and other little ones like pets will help you to enjoy your wood fireplace more.

2. Don’t Leave Your Burning Fire Unattended

Along the same lines as our previous tip, you should never leave a fire unattended. Not only will there be a risk that an animal or a child could be injured, but a spark could fly, and fire would spread. It is best to have an adult supervising the flames at all times. If you are leaving, you will need to extinguish them beforehand. This includes making sure hot coals are completely snuffed out!

3. Keep an Extinguisher Nearby

Don’t be caught off guard and unprepared. While you keep an eye on things around the fire, you will also want something accessible to grab quickly should a problem arise. So, always keep a fire extinguisher within reach should you need it in an emergency. 

4. Create Plenty of Space Around Your Wood Fireplace

Don’t place items too close that could potentially catch fire easily near your fireplace, like furniture or even decorations. Wood fireplaces give off a lot of heat, so you don’t need your wooden rocking chair right up next to it, anyway!

This also includes fuel and lighting items, like newspapers, dry wood, and kindling. Store them in a box away from the opening of your fireplace.

When you purchase a fireplace from IHT, you can be sure the materials around the base are safe and non-flammable. 

5. Never Light Your Wood Fireplace with Lighter Fluid or Gasoline

Hopefully, we are all aware of how dangerous it can be, especially inside your home. Still, just in case, you should never pour lighter fluid or gasoline into your wood fireplace. Doing this can allow small flames to climb up the fluid, burning you quickly It can also allow the fire to become out of control quickly, which can catch your home on fire. It is not a wise choice to make. 

The best way to light your wood fireplace safely is to use matches or lighters and a fire starter block. Old newspapers work as well, but make sure you don’t put too much in. Don’t use glossy paper like magazines or any other forms of trash.


Following these tips will keep you and your loved ones safe throughout the season while using your wood fireplace. If you have any questions about how to operate a wood fireplace safely, reach out to our fireplace experts at IHT! You can also visit us at our Zuni Street location in Denver or give us a call directly at 303-755-4772. We’re more than happy to answer any questions or address any concerns that you have.

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