Choosing Your Hot Tub – Consider Your Dreams and Setting

Your Hot Tub Dreams

When you dream about the luxury of a personal hot tub in your own backyard, what do you dream about…

  • family time: the kids or grand kids all relating to each other, enjoying spa time together. Remove the hectic distraction of today’s electronic devices and see what a difference communication can make.
  • quiet time and warm, relaxation: early, early morning, just before sunrise. You’re in the tub listening to the birds begin their morning melodies, sipping a cup of your favorite brew.
  • feeling your health issue improve with every soak and getting the deep restorative sleep you need to be your best?

We could go on and on…..the reasons you want a hot tub are personal and unique.

Now that you have thought about your dreams you also need to consider more practical issues. We can help with deciding on size, location, direction you look when relaxing, features, accessories and foundation. Let us give you a little direction and then consider scheduling a Backyard Consultation from one of our expert team to help you fill in the blanks.

Your Setting – Where will my hot tub go?

Almost all of our installations are outdoors, but we can also advise you if you are considering an indoor hot tub.  The dry weather and air in Colorado make an outside installation a wonderful experience. The beautiful night sky, the sunsets and sunrises make your experience visual as well as tactile. Here are some considerations to make an outdoor installation work best.

  • The closer access to the house, the better. Taking just a few steps from the door to the hot tub makes it easy and comfortable to use our spa in any weather conditions. Longer distances can be designed to still provide you ease of use, such as adding a walkway or steps, even a covered area for easy access.
  • Add a cover lifter. Add a cover lifter. Why not make removing and replacing the cover quick, simple and easy.
  • What size and shape fits my space and your lifestyle?  Of course your landscaping, garden beds, patio furniture and grill equipment make everything come together to create your vision and your backyard paradise. You want your new hot tub to be the center focus of your new retreat and we can give you great suggestions how to tie it all together.
  • What about electrical? Placement & voltage need to be decided. We will consult our recommended electricians and set a plan for your electrical needs.
  • What about delivery? We’ll determine if you have a simple or complex delivery, coordinate the right personnel and equipment and get you scheduled as soon as we receive your new hot tub. We take all the work and worry out of your delivery.
  • What about my old hot tub? No problem! We will remove you current tub when our delivery crew is there and dispose of it for you…cover too. Our delivery manager will coordinate it all at your convenience.

What comes next?

We will help you through every step of the process so you have the confidence you are making the very best decisions for you and your family.

Don’t stop here! Schedule your free backyard consultation today and let an IHT consultant come to your home, at your convenience and discuss all the tools you need for your perfect hot tub retreat. Let’s meet soon.

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