Connecting With Your Family in the Hot Tub


The hot tub is an incredible tool for helping families unplug from social media and technology to reconnect each evening (or morning!).

Being constantly connected to our technological devices has harmful side effects physically, relationally and emotionally to be aware of. But when hot water is involved, the warmth offers a haven for bonding and communication. Naturally, conversation sparks.

Experts provided the communication tools listed below…
Group Reflection: Ask your kids or other family members the highlight of their day, as well as low point. Ask them what goals they’re working on. Ask if they need help on a project. Focus on everyone as a valuable part of the family to bridge connection and bonding.  

Ask Feeling Questions: Don’t just ask questions about what happened that day. Really ask them how their feelings are doing. Children want their voices to be heard…to know that their feelings and opinions matter. Bridge that connection and listen to their feelings!

Communicate Respect in Times of Conflict:  Disagreements are bound to happen. We are all wired differently. Take advantage of your hot tub time to set a groundwork for respecting others’ opinions. Encourage the family to take this viewpoint: “While I respect your opinion that [summarize the opposing view], in my experience [communicate perspective].” Sara Gable, a specialist in Human Development, indicates that maintaining this respect will allow you to maintain relationships with your children.

Listen: Instead of interrupting with your opinions, answers or solutions, listen. Family counselor, Carol Maxym, PhD, recommends a “50% rule” where parents limit what they would normally say by 50%. By focusing on listening to how a child describes their day and their feelings, you have the opportunity to better acknowledge their experience.

Don’t have a tool for reconnecting yet? To get started, request an in-home consultation. See you soon!