Covana – Oasis 15th Anniversary Limited Edition

Oasis 15th Anniversary Limited Edition

Covana Hot Tub Cover and Gazebo

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Covana is proud to introduce a special edition of its Oasis model.

More luxurious than ever and with an enhanced look, the Covana Oasis 15th Anniversary retains all the benefits of its original model while providing incomparable comfort. Its elegant black roof blends well with the roofs of more modern houses, and its European-influenced design adds a distinguished touch to any backyard. Furthermore, its included retractable panoramic shades create a unique private ambiance.

Offered for a limited time only, this special edition proudly bears the “15th Anniversary” identification, confirming this model’s distinctive character.

The Covana Oasis 15th Anniversary Limited Edition distinguished itself by:

  • A unique colour scheme, thanks to its slate grey structure and black Darling roof
  • Its exclusive selection of retractable panoramic shades
  • Its exclusive “15th Anniversary” identification on the roof

Your relaxation and privacy haven

A groundbreaking solution to optimize the use of your hot tub, this four-season gazebo operates with the simple turn of a key. As it securely closes and with its optional retractable panoramic shades, the Covana Oasis 15th Anniversary offers peace of mind and privacy without effort. The seven color LED lighting system, unique to the Oasis model, also creates a warm and cozy atmosphere for a luxurious experience.


Dimensions of 100.5 in wide by max. 115 in high and 105.75 in deep.

Compatible Hot Tubs

Most hot tubs with a flat surface of up to 93 in x 98 in.

Power Supply

Compatible with:
120 V, 60 Hz, 15 A

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