Declutter Tips for the New Year

We have all heard of decluttering your home for the New Year. There is something refreshing and rejuvenating to walk into your favorite room with everything in its place, everything you need, but none of the clutter that builds up over time. The same thing happens with your outdoor space.

If you are considering a hot tub or swim spa in your outdoor living area, or you already have one, start the year with a fresh look and feel for your space.

Hot Spring Grandee hot tub

If you are in the planning stage, declutter now, before the spa arrives. Once it is in place and ready to use, the experience will be enhanced by simple beauty and a relaxed environment. Keep the things you love, and get rid of the dated, frayed and faded. It will freshen the look and your attitude about your surroundings. When you sit in your spa, we want you to relax completely.

If your spa is already there, look around and access the area. Get rid of dated and aged and add fresh towels and an aromatic candle. This is your outdoor haven. Keep it free of clutter and enhance your surroundings as you use this area to escape and refresh.

I also found a great article on Houzz about Home Decluttering. It has some great tips for a strategy to begin the process. It can also be used on the outside to make your outdoor space your haven. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.