4 Games to Play in a Hot Tub

Relaxation is a major reason for purchasing a hot tub. Unwinding after a long day is wonderful, but enjoying time together as a family is another great way to use your hot tub. Family night can take a fun twist when it happens in the hot tub. Use these ideas for four games to play in a hot tub. 

Waterproof Games

Family game night can move to the hot tub thanks to waterproof card games and board games. No matter what your family’s favorite game is, you’re sure to find an option your whole family will love. In fact, there are even waterproof UNO cards! And don’t think that a game that uses dice is off-limits. You can even find floating dice! 

Before you start to play, be sure everyone participating understands the rules. Then, play away and enjoy some great family time..


All you need for this game are two plastic cups. There’s no limit to the number of players who can participate in this game and it’s great for all ages. Start by adding about one inch of water into one of the cups, or as much as it takes until it floats upright without tipping. This cup is the submarine. 

With all of the players seated around the edge of the hot tub, put the submarine into the center of the hot tub. Use the other plastic cup to add a small amount of water to the submarine. Each player will take turns using the cup to add water to the submarine. 

Each player’s goal is to avoid sinking the submarine. You get to choose the punishment for the loser! You can have them sing a goofy song, have a cup of cold water poured over their head, or anything else that you can think of!


For this game, you can use plastic cups, toy boats, rubber ducks, or any item that floats. Start with all of the participants on one side of the hot tub with the floating item of their choice. The object of the game is to get your item from one side of the hot tub to the other by blowing them across the water. You can even consider giving special honors or a prize to whoever’s item is still floating upright by the end of the game!

Hot Tub Hockey

Hot tub hockey is a great game to get everyone involved. This game requires one floating item, such as a rubber duck. Players are split up into two teams, situated on opposite sides of the hot tub. 

To start, place the rubber duck in the middle of the hot tub. When someone starts the game, each team has to work to get the rubber duck to touch the opposite side of the tub. The catch? You can’t touch the rubber duck! Players can blow on the duck or even make waves to move it, but touching is off-limits. You can decide if the winner is the first team to score twice or the best of five!

 Spending time together as a family just got a lot more fun. These four games to play in a plug-n-play hot tub are just a starting point. You’ve got the fun covered, so make sure you have the right hot tub for your family. IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces has proudly served the Denver area since 1978. We offer exceptional customer service as well as a wide selection of the finest Colorado hot tubs, such as Hot Spring®, Caldera®, BestLife®, and more. Visit us at one of our four locations today. Call for more information or learn how to buy a hot tub from home!

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