4 Ways Fireplaces Add Ambiance to Your Home (Without the Heat!)

Everyone knows the warmth and appeal of a fireplace during the cold winter months. Whether it’s after a long day on the ski slopes or settling in for the evening on an especially frigid day, the heat and glow of a fireplace have a magical effect. Your fireplace’s appeal doesn’t have to only be associated with cold weather, though. Here are four ways fireplaces add ambiance to your home without the heat!


Added Charm 

A fireplace is a known draw for homeowners. Aside from the benefit of adding warmth in the winter months, it serves as a focal point for whichever room it’s in. A living room fireplace can be a commanding centerpiece for the rest of the room. 

It also offers an opportunity to transform a room for any holiday or occasion. Christmas is an obvious time to decorate the mantel with garland, but you can use it for holidays throughout the year. A fireplace mantel is also a great way to display family photos and mementos that reflect your personality and lifestyle, making the room really feel like you.


Gathering Place 

It’s hard to explain, but people are naturally drawn to the sight of a fireplace. At any party or event, it’s common to find a group of people gathered around the fireplace as they visit. Create that natural gathering spot by pulling up chairs, ottomans, and floor pillows and watch as the conversation takes off. 


Calming Effect

One of the often overlooked benefits of a Kozy Heat fireplace is the calming effect it can have. Have you ever noticed how relaxed you become sitting fireside? Take your living room’s ambiance up a notch with a fireplace. From rustic to contemporary in style, you can create the ideal atmosphere for relaxation. You’ll find the stress of your day melting away thanks to the soft glow and soothing sound of crackling flames. 


The Feel of Luxury

It’s a luxurious and indulgent feeling when you walk into a hotel or bed and breakfast to find a cozy fireplace. Why wait for a weekend getaway? You can give yourself the daily treat of luxury when you add a fireplace to your home. 

With different options in gas or electric fireplaces, you can take the luxury level up a notch in any room of the house, including a kitchen, dining room, or even a bedroom. Fireplaces in bedrooms are growing in popularity, and we can understand why. Who wouldn’t want to wind down after a long day to the soft glow of a fireplace? 

Fireplaces can add so much more than heat to your home. These are just four ways fireplaces add ambiance to your home. Select your new fireplace and you can discover even more! 


If you’re ready to add a fireplace to your home, contact IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces! Since 1978, we’ve proudly served the Denver, Colorado area. We offer a wide range of styles and designs with electric, gas and wood-burning fireplace options. Call us today at 303-296-7727! You can learn all about our selection of fireplaces and ask for a free quote!

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