Four Ways to Use Wood Ash from Your Fireplace

Your wood burning fireplace adds warmth and ambiance to your home. But the more often you use it, the more ashes you have to dispose of. What if those ashes could offer benefits all around your home? We’ll show you four ways to use wood ash from your fireplace. 

1 – Compost for Your Garden 

Many people look for ways to reuse or recycle materials. A great way to recycle the wood ash from your fireplace is to use it as compost for your vegetable garden. Wood ash helps to increase the potassium levels in your soil which will do wonders for your harvest next year. An added benefit is that it deters slugs and snails from getting into your veggies.

2 – Use Wood Ash from Your Fireplace for Traction

Clearing your driveway or sidewalk is a common chore during winter months. Save yourself a trip to the store for ice melt and use the wood ash from your fireplace instead. Wood ash contains potassium salts that can help melt ice in cold weather. Once you’ve cleared your sidewalk you can simply spread ash to not only melt remaining ice, but also provide traction. You can even keep a container of ashes in your car to spread under your tires to help gain traction there too. 

3 – Absorb Odor and Moisture in Your Home

Wood ash behaves a lot like baking soda does. While we don’t recommend baking with it, we do recommend using it to absorb moisture and odors in your refrigerator. You can even place a small bowl or container of it in a musty room or basement to help freshen up. 

4 – Wood Ash from Your Fireplace Can Put Out Fires

Many sources recommend using sand to help put out campfires or outdoor fire pits. Wood ash can operate the same way as sand and stamp out a fire and burning embers. Take a container of wood ash with you when you go on your next camping trip to extinguish your campfire. Or you can keep a bucket near your outdoor fire pit or even your wood burning fireplace to put a stop to any embers that escape. 

Enjoy Your New Wood Burning Fireplace This Winter

Your fireplace adds so much to the warmth and enjoyment of your home during the winter. But as you clean and maintain your fireplace, don’t forget these four ways to use wood ash around the house. If your fireplace isn’t winter-ready or you still need to add one to your home, it’s time to call IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces

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