Health Benefits – Arthritis

Health Benefits – Arthritis

Health Benefits for People who Suffer from Arthritis Pain

Water Exercise

According to the Arthritis Foundation:

  • The soothing warmth and buoyancy of warm water make it a safe, ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness.
  • Immersing in warm water raises your body temperature, causing your blood vessels to dilate and increasing circulation.
  • Water exercise is a gentle way to exercise joints and muscles.
  • Using a hot tub adds a component to the therapy – massage. Jet nozzles release warm water and air, massaging your body and helping you relax tight muscles


According to the Arthritis Foundation benefits of heat can include:

  • muscle relaxation
  • decreased pain and stiffness
  • greater ease when performing exercises and daily activities
For more information regarding arthritis and the health benefits of hot tubs, visit the Arthritis Foundation website.


According to the Arthritis Foundation keep the following tips in mind:

  • When first entering a spa or pool, relax and enjoy the soothing water. When your muscles and joints feel more comfortable and relaxed, slowly begin your exercise routine. Allow enough time after exercising to relax muscles again before getting out of the water.
  • During exercise a milder temperature is just as effective as a hot temperature. You can lower your hot tub temperature and still be effective.
  • If you are just soaking you can tolerate higher temperatures
  • Vary the temperature and length of stay to see what is most comfortable for you.
  • Soaking time should not exceed 10 to 15 minutes at temperatures between 98 and 104 degrees F.

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