How Much Does a Swim Spa Cost?

Summer is here, and with warmer temperatures rolling in, your family is likely looking for fun ways to spend time outdoors. A swim spa is an exciting new prospect for you to consider, but how much does a swim spa cost? Lucky for you, IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces offers a range of Endless Pools®, and you can find pricing on each model listed online! In fact, you can use their app to view the model you are interested in your own space, and come in for a test swim before you buy.

Base Swim Spa Cost

The Endless Pools swim spas start as low as $21,000 and go up to around $80,000 for MSRP. This makes them more affordable than an inground pool, with less upkeep as well. The spacious 12-foot R200 model is the most affordable with room for 10 people. You can still add on any accessories you desire with this model, including the Watkins Cover that will help you continue to save money by providing energy efficiency to your swim spa. This is a mid-range option swim spa, promising years of fun for your family. If you are looking for an even better deal, you can always check on stock of IHT’s certified pre-owned and refurbished swim spas available for purchase. 

Installation Cost of a Swim Spa

In addition to the MSRP, there will of course be the cost of installation. This can vary depending on the needs of your family. Things like placing a concrete slab, if it is going in your backyard, or using a crane if it needs to be lifted over something will affect the cost of installing your swim spa. You can also consider any electrical needs as well with this cost. Typical installation costs can vary from $1,000 to $5,000. One of our sales representatives at any of IHT locations in Denver and surrounding areas can help you evaluate needs when preparing your space for the swim spa installation. 

Maintenance Cost 

The final consideration of swim spa cost is the upkeep or maintenance. All pools need water care to be sure the water is safe for your family to enjoy. These costs are usually much more affordable for a swim spa than an inground pool as there is less water to maintain. Budgeting $20-$50 a month for these products will keep you well-stocked. IHT offers a range of products for water care on our website for easy ordering, and an autoship program so you are never out of anything for your swim spa.

This summer, give you and your family something new and exciting to enjoy: an Endless Pools swim spa. It is sure to be a hit and provide endless hours of family fun and exercise all in the privacy of your backyard. Come out to IHT for a test swim and find the customized swim spa that perfectly fits your space and your lifestyle. We can assure you, it is worth the cost and you will love your new swim spa for many years to come.

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