How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Swim Spa?

When considering whether to buy a pool or swim spa, the question will inevitably come up of how much does it cost to maintain a swim spa versus a built-in pool. The average cost of running a pool will be at least $200 per month compared to $50 to $100 per month for a swim spa. A pool is naturally larger and will therefore have more water and parts to maintain. This naturally adds to costs. Since a swim spa is smaller, there is less to maintain. Economically a swim spa makes more sense. Let’s break down where these maintenance estimates come from. 

Water care will add cost to maintain a swim spa or pool.

The first cost most people think of in maintaining a spa or pool would be the water care needed to keep the water clean and safe to be in. This is not as costly as you might think. In fact, you can budget as little as $15 to $35 each month for water care depending on your specific location. If you happen to be located in the Denver area, IHT can help you keep the chemicals you need in stock for use when you need them. Signing up for our Autoshipment program is another money saver.

There are ways to cut these costs as well, like showering before entering your swim spa or purchasing a swim spa cover. Showering will help to remove any oil from your skin before diving in which keeps it out of the water. This cuts down on needing to overuse chemicals to keep your spa water balanced. Using a cover will also keep unwanted things out of your swim spa that could disrupt the balance, such as dirt and leaves. A quality swim spa cover will help you save money in other ways, as well. 

Electricity will add cost to maintain a swim spa or pool.

Using the swim spa cover we mentioned before will also help to save you money on electricity! Electricity is the next area people think of when they begin to think of swim spa maintenance costs. This can be an addition to the cost of maintaining your swim spa and can vary with the season. During warmer months the cost will naturally be lower and in the winter, costs will be higher. The exact cost addition to your power bill will also be dependent on how often you use your swim spa.

All of these things considered should still allow you to stay within that $50 to $100 budget. The only time you might have a higher power bill is if you have turned your swim spa off for a while or when you initially install it. The swim spa cover will save you money by helping to insulate the pool further so that the heat does not escape your pool, helping you save on heating costs.

Repairs or professional maintenance.

The final cost of maintaining your swim spa will be the occasional maintenance. If you are purchasing a higher quality swim spa, these types of repairs will not come as frequently as when you purchase a lower quality spa. So be sure to check out the line of swim spas IHT has to offer. We only offer higher quality spas, so you can be assured of having a better long-term experience. We even offer pre-owned swim spas to accommodate every budget and ensure long-term enjoyment. Most of these come from our showroom demo swim spas.

Maintenance cost comparison of a pool versus a swim spa makes the decision a no-brainer. The costs will always be less for a swim spa. You can save money and have a similar experience. The cost of owning a swim spa is very much within your reach.