How to Keep Your Teens & Their Friends Close to Home

We all remember a time when we were teenagers and only wanted to be out with our friends having a great time. While times have certainly changed, the desire to gain independence from your parents certainly hasn’t. That leaves the question: How do we, as parents, keep our teens and their friends close to home so we know they are safe. But without restricting their fun and personal space? The experts at IHT have been searching and planning for quite some time and have some strategies to keep your teens close to home!

Create fun spaces to keep your teens close to home

This step can be as simple as using that extra space in your home or backyard to create a teen hangout or as elaborate as redoing part of your home. There is an access point for everyone and every budget. 

Outdoor Space

We recommend starting with the backyard. A hot tub is a great way to beckon your teens to stay at home, offering a relaxing place for them to unwind and a private hang out with their friends. In fact, they’ll probably beg you to invite their friends over every weekend! In the hot tub, they’ll be able to chat and play their favorite music and games with their buddies. What more incentive do they need to turn off their phones, get off the screens, and spend quality time with their loved ones?

Looking for something a bit bigger to accommodate your teen’s large group of friends? Think about adding in an Endless Pools® Swim Spa. This will create a fun place for your teens to hang out together and have fun. It can also be used by everyone in your family, including you! They can work out, swim, or relax in the hot tub portion of the swim spa with their friends. Since the water is heated, this can be used year-round, unlike a typical pool. 

Indoor Space

If the backyard is not something you want to entertain, you can also use both the hot tub and swim spa indoors. You may also consider transforming your basement or some other spare room into a game room-type area inside your home. Adding a pool table or other game tables will make for a really fantastic spot for your teens to be together in a safe space. You may even want to stock up on a variety of board games. They’re challenging and fun, and make for both epic sleepovers and family game nights. Don’t forget to add things like a mini fridge or snacks to the room as well to really make it feel like their own area. 

Make it extra inviting with a fireplace! Adding an electric fireplace to your basement or spare room can actually be a really simple and straightforward process. Most can be easily mounted on the wall and convenient operation means no hauling wood from the outside. This will create a cozy, welcoming environment that your teen (or teens) and their friends will love to hang out in. And you’ll love that they love to spend time at home!


If you are looking for more specific guidance for your home and family, the experts at IHT are available to help you sort through all of your options. Whether you decide you want a hot tub, swim spa, or fireplace to help keep your teens close to home, we can help you find the best option for your needs and budget. So stop by your nearest IHT location in Denver and beyond today! We are excited to help you keep your teens safe this coming year.