How to Use a Swim Spa in Summer

Deciding whether or not to purchase an Endless Pools® swim spa from IHT can be a tough choice, but an excellent one. There are so many ways to use your swim spa this summer (and all year long for that matter). Making great use of your purchase will come naturally after reading a few of these tips. Once you start thinking outside of the box, you will be coming up with hundreds of uses for it that are personal to you. 

Exercise in your swim spa.

Swim spas were designed with fitness and health in mind, with a wide variety of exercises to do. Along with resistance swimming, Endless Pools swim spas offer different equipment you can add to enhance your workout experience. 

You can get an underwater treadmill or exercise bike installed for very low-impact walking, running, and pedaling. There are also some really neat strength training and rowing equipment you can utilize to build muscle. They even have their own fitness app to help you track your fitness progress. There is truly something for everyone!

Recover and relax in your swim spa.

A swim spa is not only for exercise, though – it is also meant for recovery and relaxation. With built-in spa seating and even a separate hot tub section on some models, you can get straight to recovering after your workout with a nice spa soak.

Is it a rest day? No need to work up a sweat first! You can use your swim spa for a relaxing soak. Just turn on the jets, let them work out any tension in your body, and save the workout for another day.

Use your swim spa for swimming lessons.

If you are interested in giving your kids swimming lessons, then you should definitely consider teaching them in an Endless Pools Swim Spa. 

The bar at the front of the spa also makes for a great place to practice kicking in the water. With the smaller, more contained space, kids will likely feel safer than in a larger, more intimidating pool. The Swim Spa current speed can be adjusted based on the level of the swimmer, the water current can also be turned off completely.

This makes it an ideal learning environment for young swimmers.

Use it for family time.

Swim spas are also a wonderful investment for quality family time. You get to have the best of both a swimming pool and hot tub, all in one place, with the E2000 Endless Pools Swim Spa model! Your kids can play games in the pool while you and your partner relax and watch from the spa. You could also join in the fun and games! Or you can even sit together, relax, and have a catch-up conversation. Either way, great family memories are waiting for you.


There are numerous ways to use your swim spa this summer. If you have been on the fence about buying your own, come into IHT and have a free test swim before purchasing. Our experts at IHT cannot wait to help you make the best investment for you and your family.Endless Pools Swim Spa