Our Limelight line from Watkins Manufacturing, the maker of Hot Spring Spas, has many of the same features as the Highlife line. The spas are beautiful with an elegantly detailed spa shell, and the seating is spacious and incredibly comfortable. The cabinets are well-built with steel frames and low-maintenance ELMwood simulated wood.

Limelight use the same Wavemaster Pumps as the Highlife Line. The Silent Flo circulation pump automatically filters and heats the water. It is quiet and very energy-efficient. The titanium No-Fault heater is dependable, efficient and backed by an exclusive No-Fault warranty.

Limelight features include the Raio Lighting System that illuminates the entire hot tub with multiple points of light. This lighting accents the contemporary lines of the spa shell, the four corners of the spa and the tranquil arch of the Vidro waterfall. The six colors can change through a rotating loop or remain constant, while illuminating at 3 different brightness levels. The jet configurations are varied and effective in providing superior hydrotherapy. Limelight Spas are now available with the Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System as well.

These mid priced spas are more than equal to the competition’s premium priced spa lines. They are a choice that can save you money and still give you many of the important features of our Hot Spring Spas.