Kozy Heat Owner’s Manuals

Looking for Kozy Heat® Owner’s Manuals? You’ll Find them at IHT.

Curling up by your new Kozy Heat® fireplace, stove, or insert is just the beginning of warmth and comfort when you choose a fire feature for your home from IHT. And when you need owner’s manuals for your perfect fire solution, it’s easy to download the information you need for your gas, electric, or wood burning fireplace, insert or stove from Kozy Heat.

Whether you have a direct vent gas fireplace, a freestanding stove, or an electric or wood burning option, it’s important to know how to operate and care for your fire feature correctly. Get access to the owner’s manuals you need for your favorite spaces at home.

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Owner’s Manuals

Discover owner’s manuals for industry-leading Kozy Heat products from IHT Hot Tubs, Swim Spas & Fireplaces. From installation to care and maintenance, you’ll find everything you need for an exceptional ownership experience. Simply download or print your owner’s manual at your convenience.

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