Planning for 2017: Choosing Your Outside Setting


When you fantasize about the luxury of a personal hot tub in your own backyard, what do you see? Do you see scenes from that movie, Hot Tub Time Machine? For some, perhaps. Maybe you see family time, with the kids or grand kids.

How about quiet time and relaxation: early, early morning. Just before sunrise. You’re in the tub listening to the birds begin their morning melodies, sipping a cup of your favorite brew. We could go on and on…..the reasons you want a hot tub are personal and unique.

But understanding those reasons enable you to begin deciding on size, location, direction to face the hot tub, features, accessories and foundation. Consider scheduling a Backyard Consultation from a Hot Tub Specialist to decide what is best for you to fulfill your hot tub dreams.

Where will my hot tub go?

Concerns for privacy and weather conditions sometimes lead one to consider an indoor installation. It’s easy to assume you’ll use your hot tub more inside than you would out. But exactly the opposite is true for people in Colorado. The dry weather and air make an outside installation a wonderful experience. The beautiful night sky, the sunsets and sunrises make your hot tub experience visual as well as tactile. There are some things you can do to make an outdoor installation work best.

  • First, the closer to the door the better. Taking just a few steps from the door to the hot tub makes it easy and comfortable to use your hot tub. Longer distances from the door to the hot tub may discourage people from using it as often due to the idea of running through weather conditions. Also, a cover lifter makes removing and replacing the cover simple and easy.
  • What size and shape fits my space and my lifestyle? We’ll bring recommendations and brochures. Of course your landscaping, garden beds, patio furniture and grill equipment make everything come together to create your vision and your backyard paradise.
  • What about electrical? Placement & voltage need to be decided. 
  • What about delivery? We’ll determine a simple or complex delivery and send the right equipment at delivery.

Can’t just stop here? Schedule your free backyard consultation today and let an IHT expert come to your home, at your convenience and discuss all the tools you need for your perfect hot tub retreat.