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The Celio™ hot tub is a top-of-the-line, compact model featuring a unique seating arrangement that is perfect for conversation or relaxing. With 18 powerful jets for a customizable massage experience, this spa will make you fall in love with your very own in-home oasis.


The Celio's seating stations include an EcstaSeat® massager that targets large muscle groups in your back. A reclined lounge seat features multiple angled calf jets that soothe your lower legs.
Whether you're soaking up some solo time or entertaining friends, the Celio hot tub is sure to provide endless enjoyment. This is a sleek 3-seat hot tub complete with 18 jets It features a convertible 115 / 230v electrical configuration which makes it easy to install.
In addition to its sculpted seating, the Celio contains a multi-colored LED lighting system that enhances the ambiance of your environment both inside and outside the tub. Through 6 Mystique® Points-of-Interior Lights you can illuminate the water to help set the mood and increase the therapeutic effects of your soak.

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