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An unparalleled, full-body massage awaits you in The Envoy. The variety of this hot tub’s jet configurations makes it one of the most versatile models in the Highlife® collection. Whether you’ve just finished an intense workout at the gym or simply want to melt the stresses of your work day away, this hot tub is an excellent choice for your lifestyle.




The Envoy contains 55 jets distributed across 5 seats. The seats include a Captain’s Chair, a lounge, 2 bench seats, and a corner bucket seat around the spacious footwell. The ergonomic design of each chair, along with the exclusive jet configurations, reduces the demand on your bones and joints while alleviating tension in your muscles.

Hydrotherapy Jets

The Captain’s Chair uses 4 varieties of patented jets targeting your back, wrists, and feet as you sit upright. It includes adjustable directional jets for pinpoint relief and rotational jets that mimic the touch of a masseuse. The lounge massages your back, calves, and feet through a combination of 3 jet varieties including the Moto-Massage® DX which sweeps two streams of water up and down the length of your spine. The Comfort Control® system lets you customize the mix of air and water streaming from the jets, giving you a massage tailored to your specific needs.

Entertainment & Lighting

In addition to premium hydrotherapy components, The Envoy sports impressive lighting and sound features. The customizable LED zone lighting embedded in the tub’s interior adds singular beauty to the water, as does the illuminated BellaFontana® water feature consisting of 3 water arcs. For the ultimate sensory experience, take advantage of this hot tub’s BlueTooth® music system and subwoofer by playing your favorite playlist in the background during your soak.

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