Chaska Series – 25, 29, 335S, 34

Chaska Series Gas Insert by Kozy Heat – Four sizes: 25, 29, 335S, 34

The Chaska – One of Our Best Fireplace Gas Inserts

This direct vent gas fireplace insert is suitable for almost any location. With ease, a professional installer can turn your wood-burning fireplace into a energy efficient gas insert fireplace that will fit effortlessly in the existing hole of your old masonry fireplace providing energy-efficient warmth as well as adding an attractive accent to any room. This range of fireplaces has been created for modern living – no matter what type of home you might have, a direct vent gas fireplace can be easily installed, as long as you have a masonry chimney. Made to give years of useful service, modern innovation combines with proven technology to provide a fireplace that’s a superb investment.

Gas Fireplace Insert that Benefits from High Efficiency

This gas insert fireplace offers long term economy that’s always appealing. Many people find that fireplace inserts using gas can save them a significant amount of money on their fuel bills.

Wide Range of Appealing Features

Our fireplace gas inserts benefit from high-quality materials and superior workmanship. A fan kit, co-linear air kit and millivolt valve system all help to ensure that this fireplace operates reliably and effectively. Details such nine different screen front options that can come in a variety of colors, different refractory options, and the choice of a shroud trim to help all our customers to create a customized design that meets their exact specifications. Each fire is carefully created to provide an exceptional combination of stunning good looks and excellent, cost-effective performance.

Leading Provider of Gas Inserts Fireplace Choices

We are a well-established company that specializes in providing home owners with premium fireplace installations that can totally transform their interior space.

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Kozy Heat Chaska 25 gas insert
Chaska 25
Chaska 29 gas insert
Chaska 29
Kozy Heat Chaska 335S gas insert
Chaska 335S
Kozy Heat Chaska 34 gas insert
Chaska 34

Chaska Series – 25, 29, 335S, 34

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