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The largest hot tub in the Highlife® Collection, the Grandee is for those who want an exceptional experience for the whole family, or, simply, plenty of legroom to sit in your hot tub and stretch. It’s ideal for hot tub parties where family and friends gather to enjoy restorative quality time.




The Grandee seats up to seven users with a 38” depth to provide plenty of legroom. This hot tub model is especially useful for households with multiple people of varying heights. This is made possible by seats having different depths. Whether you’re a taller adult or a growing adolescent, this hot tub is built to accommodate you. Also, the extra large footwell allows your hot tub company to enjoy each other’s company without feeling overcrowded.

Hydrotherapy Jets

In addition to the seats’ dimensions, their exclusive, customized jets provide a hydrotherapy massage unlike any other. Two seats contain Moto-MassageⓇ DX jets that sweep two powerful streams of water up and down your spine. Also contributing to the hydromassage are Precision® Jets, JetStream® Jets, and many more, all controlled through the Comfort Control® and SmartJet® systems. With massage jets like these at your disposal, as well as Directional you’ll have a reliable ally for when you’re battling pain in your muscles and joints.

Entertainment & Lighting

The sensory delights don’t stop with the water features. The Grandee also includes customizable lighting features that allow you to enhance the ambiance of your hot tub environment. Incorporate soothing blues and soft purples into your space for enhanced relaxation and fun with your friends and family.

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