The M Series – M33L

The BestLife Acrylic body colors are made with a deep-luster authentic acrylic material that maintains its color and appearance through years of continued use.

Each side cabinet panel is designed with a wood textured HDPE that holds its color and is easy to clean.

All color-fast Weather Shield covers are climate resistant and come with safety straps and locks.

MassageMax2 Jets

33 Adjustaflow MassageMax jets configured differently in each seat and size to provide the widest variety of therapy and comfort for your hot tub experience.  Includes powerful jet styles seen in the Jets and Pillows tab below.


  • Seats: Up to 4 Adults
  • Number of Jets: 33 MassageMax2
  • Dimensions: 84″ x 66″ x 35″, 213cm x 168cm x 89cm
  • Water Capacity: 252 Gallons, 954 Litres
  • Dry Weight: 639 lbs, 290 kg
  • ProForce Pump/HPR: 1 – 4.5 HPR, 2 SPD
  • Heater: 4kW
  • Electrical: 240V
  • Water Management: Ozone Ready


  • 2 Crystal Springs LED Fountains
  • 4 BestComfort Pillows
  • Carefree Cabinet
  • Durafab Insulating Cover
  • PureLife 100% ISO-Water Filtration
  • LED Footwell Light
  • 3 Air Controls
  • Digital Touch Controller
  • LED Exterior Corner Lighting
  • Green Guard Insulation

Dual Level Self-Cleaning System for Crystal Clear Water

Enjoy sparkling water that is 100% filtered through BestLife’s Dual Level Self-Cleaning System. This vacuum filtration system traps debris through multiple entry points for superior water quality and ease of maintenance.

Toplevel: Skimmer

Strategically placed jets create continuous water flow toward a water-level skimmer that collects debris and residue at the water’s surface. Directing the water to the skimmer further enhances the top-level filtration system.

The ForceFlow skimmer removes surface debris and oils that would otherwise leave water cloudy and damage your hot tub’s components over time.

Water stays clear of debris … effortlessly.

Footwell: Sweeper

Heavier debris that fall to the spa’s floor are removed through a self-cleaning footwell system. A bottom sweeper fitting creates turbulence to suspend debris, and the proprietary CleanContour Footwell Design channels them directly to the multiple suction collectors in the footwell of the spa. Debris are vacuumed into the suctions and travel directly to the filter where they are captured.

Footwell turbulence further boosts the effectiveness of water care products and removes the need to vacuum your hot tub.

BestLife hot tub top level skimmer
BestLife hot tub top level skimmer
BestLife hot tub footwell sweeper
BestLife hot tub footwell sweeper

Jets and Accessories


Multiple seat back massage styles

Wrist and Elbow

Multipoint massage therapy


Reflexology direct to the bottom of each foot


Smooth seat design with Comfort Pillows


PowerMax Total Massage Jets


Delivers a straight constant massage


Adjust the direction to desired location

Durafab Insulating Cover

Weather and fade resistant lockable energy saving cover

Crystal Springs LED Fountains & Controls

Twin fountain streams and LED Controls illuminate the night