Nordik Series – 29i, 34i

Gas Insert Fireplace by Kozy® Heat Fireplaces

NORDIK 29i    NORDIK 34i

  • Traditional Log
  • Two sizes: 29i, 34i

The Kozy® Heat Fireplaces Nordik Series exemplifies the Scandinavian aesthetic style that focuses on modern clean-lines, simple functionality and abundant warmth. These two beautiful models can be added into virtually any home. Minnesota has a rich Scandinavian heritage that is celebrated throughout the area so the Nordik series is designed to honor the influence and heritage. This bold new series will grace any home in need of a gas insert fireplace.

Elevated Upgrades

The popular features you would expect in an insert by Kozy Heat are part of the Nordik Series design. The ‘elevated’ upgrades are sure to excite the person looking for a modern gas insert.

The features include innovative burner technology, innovative flame appearance,  high-definition log set, and large viewing areas.

You have even more customization options with both models. They are compatible with the Kozy Heat Fireplace Roosevelt models of equal sizes for their shrouds, fronts, and interior panels.

The Scandinavian influence has been a design model in furniture for many years. Now you can add a gas fireplace insert to match your modern look.

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NORDIK 29i    NORDIK 34i


  • Traditional Log
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