Nordik Series – 41DV (48, 60 Coming Soon)

Gas Fireplace by Kozy® Heat Fireplaces


  • Three sizes – 41DV, (48, 60 Coming Soon)
  • Traditional Log and Birch

Hybrid Log Set is the Best of Both Style Logs

Ceramic fiber and high temperature ceramic logs are the two style logs commonly used in Kozy® Heat fireplaces. Both have advantages. High temperature ceramic logs look more realistic with a wood texture. The Ceramic fiber logs will produce an nice orange flame faster since they heat up faster. Kozy Heat uses a combination of both in the Nordik Series fireplaces.

True-To-Life Individually Hand-Painted Logs

Why do our logs look so realistic? Each log is hand-painted by a “Bark Artist”. They take great pains to make your logs look real and your fireplace will give the appearance of burning real logs.

The Science of Fire – Individually Hand-Tuned Fireplaces

Kozy Heat is known for the rich orange look of their fireplaces. Our fireplaces are built with great care and each is hand-tuned and tested to get you the optimal flame.

More Bragging Rights on the Kozy Heat Fireplaces

The doors on our fireplaces are Premium DuraSafe Ceramic Glass as opposed to tempered glass that many fireplaces are built with. Tempered glass does not have the longevity of ceramic glass and over time and exposure that glass will weaken. Ceramic glass is stronger, safer, and will not crack if exposed to water when it is hot.

Everything under one roof. The manufacturing is in-house with the exception of a few components. This allows control over quality and synergy in design. It allows for greater control and inspections before they go to you.

So Real Rockwool Embers are an addition part of a ultra-realistic fire in a Kozy Heat fire.  They are perfectly positioned for ambience and your pleasure in mind And,  Rockwool embers glow will please even the most discerning viewer with their intense “real fire” appearance.



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