SilkBalance Gems


After more than 10 years of helping people enjoy their hot tub water, SilkBalance introduces its same scientifically-proven, customer-approved and patented formula in a dissoluble gem. Simply toss and go once a week for crystal, clear water that makes your skin feel soft, balances pH and Alkalinity and neutralizes odors – all while protecting your spa components. No more measuring caps and impossible to spill, SilkBalance Gems dissolve in less than 20 seconds when placed in the filter compartment or jet stream. Easy water care just got even easier!

Everyone is switching to SilkBalance because it’s the only original water care system needed for your spa or hot tub. With our advanced patented formula and decades of experience, you know you are getting quality, tested products you can trust. Take care of your tub and your family by choosing the best in quality water care!

With SilkBalance in your spa, your water will feel softer, smell better, look clearer, last longer and remain balanced so you can spend more time enjoying your backyard oasis – and it’s environmentally friendly.

The patented technology in the SilkBalance Gems formula is the perfect compliment to ANY Spa and Salt Water Spa as it will:

SOFTEN: the feel of your skin and water

BALANCE: the pH and alkalinity (after initially set)

PROTECT: you from harsh chemicals and protect your spa components from premature erosion

PREVENT: the formation of BioFilm before it has a chance to develop (once BioFilm is present Clean Start is needed to remove the BioFilm)

MAXIMIZE: effective and efficient performance of any sanitizer you choose including a Salt System.

ENVIRONMENT: SilkBalance is a natural formula will significantly reduce over chemical usage and extend the life of your spa water, lowering your impact on the environment and saving water.

INNOVATIVE: Simple and safe to use, pre measure dosage for all sizes of spa. Dissolving pods that works with every sanitizer and will not clog or leave a residue on filters.

All these benefits in One small dissolving pre-measured Gem, Once per week!

SilkBalance Gems
SilkBalance Gems