Should You Buy a Hot Tub With a Lounger?


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To lounge or not to lounge…that is the question, certainly for most first-time hot tub shoppers. Everyone has their own personal preference. Some love it, some don’t. Prospective owners repeatedly say, “We want a spa with a lounger.” A lounge in a hot tub can be very appealing. To recline in a soothing, warm water environment with the jets working your sore and tired muscles can seem like heaven. This perception is reality for many, but not for everyone. Some hot tub users, while being enthralled with the thought of a lounger at first, find they want the extra seating space. There are several issues that make a lounger work well for one individual and not so well for another.

Let’s begin with defining just what a lounger in a hot tub is. A lounger is an area in a hot tub that allows you to recline in a position that puts your feet up and your shoulders back with your head on a rest. It’s like lying in a bed of soothing warm water. At least that is the goal, which many hot tub manufacturers fall short of.

If the lounger in a hot tub is not designed well, if it allows your hips to float up when you recline, then you feel as if you must hold on to keep from floating out into the hot tub. Some hot tub manufacturers put too many jets in a lounger. When the jets operate, they can lift you off the lounge, again making you hold on in a less-than-relaxing manner.

Hot Spring Spas and Caldera has designed their loungers to keep your center of gravity under your shoulders, with the knees slightly higher. This allows you to completely relax your body and not float. We say “most” because individuals vary in shape and size. The very smallest may have more difficulty enjoying enjoy a lounge the way they may have imagined, feeling that if completely relaxed, their head would slip under water. People come in many different sizes and shapes. Hot Spring & Caldera hot tubs have designed their loungers to accommodate most body types. But one size can never fit everyone. That is one of the reasons we provide hot tub choices in a large variety of sizes and seating options.

A very general rule for loungers: women have more tendency to float than men. But this is general, and for you to know if a lounger in a particular hot tub model is right for you, sitting in the tub dry gives many insights to a prospective customer, but bring your suits the next time you visit one of our stores and wet test. You’ll be glad you did.

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