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“Good communication is essential for strong family bonds,” said Rich Hiner, president of International Hot Tub. “Practicing communication skills increases family satisfaction levels and relationships instead of the alternative divorce and behavior problems.” Here are three ideas for building better conversations for family health.

Develop a Powerful Conversation Spot with a Hot Tub – Adding a small hot tub to an area in the yard or a patio creates an instant conversation place that everyone will enjoy. One of the main reasons why a hot tub lends itself so well to conversations has to do with the soothing environment that helps keep everyone calm while talking about difficult issues. Even teens can loosen up and feel relaxed enough to talk to parents about subjects that are embarrassing or scary.

Be Clear and Direct – Don’t try to avoid difficult discussions by hedging around issues. Speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard, and don’t try to obscure feelings with sensitive or weak words. Assertive statements are not the same thing as aggressive statements. Say exactly what the problem is in a concise manner so that family members can realize there is a problem and offer ideas for how to solve them.

Listen, Learn and Understand – The conversations should never be one sided. Always listen to what everyone has to say. Never blame others when they do not agree with an idea, goal or problem. The best way to keep communication open and helpful is to realize that everyone has his or her own opinion that is valid and there doesn’t need to be a right or wrong.

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