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“Improving social wellness takes very little effort, but there are many simple ways to reconnect quickly,” says Jill Seng of International Hot Tub. “Even a little time spent with friends, family and even strangers improves mood, self-esteem and stress levels.”

Here are three simple social wellness tips.

Create a Social Atmosphere at Home with a Hot Tub – Bring family members together by creating a social atmosphere that draws family to a central gathering spot. A hot tub at home is a simple, but exciting option. Choose a tub that allows several people to enjoy relaxing together surrounded by temperature controlled water and massaging jets.

Be Open to Communicating with Strangers – Most people have been taught from an early age to avoid talking to strangers. A good philosophy, but a strategy that often makes it hard to connect and find friends in new places. Smile and say hello to others when walking around the block or when out at the store. Even a slight human connection can brighten the day of both people involved.

Meet Up with People Who Share Interests – When family isn’t close by, it can be very difficult for some people to connect with people around them. A great way to enjoy the company of others is to find local groups that enjoy the same hobbies or social environments.

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