Swim Spas and Weight Loss

Endless Pools swim spas are the best full-body workouts for many reasons. They improve your muscle tone, heart health, and overall mental wellness. These remarkable machines provide numerous other health benefits while being easy on your joints compared to running on terrain. They also provide a prime opportunity for injury rehabilitation.

They are a great option for those long winter nights when most workouts outdoors aren’t an option or you’re too snowed in to go to the gym or for a run. You can literally use it in the comfort of your home 24-7-365 all the while jamming to tunes and/or viewing your favorite episodes on the TV screen which is especially easy with the underwater treadmill. Some people make a workout room in their garage with the Endless Pools swim spa as the main feature. The Endless Pools Fitness Systems dual-temp 19″ option even includes a hot tub for the ultimate spa experience, providing additional hot tub benefits.

However, there is one major additional reason to use an Endless Pools Fitness System swim spa. As you probably know, obesity is a major issue in the Western world today. So many of us are constantly trying to fight sedentary lifestyle and gigantic restaurant portions through weight-loss programs and exercise.

Through the combination of a balanced, nutritious diet and intense and varied cardio and strength training exercise, while controlling portions in moderation, you can attain your goal weight in a matter of time. When we work hard to burn calories, it makes us think twice about what we put in our mouths. Exercising in the Endless current can put us in the fast lane (no pun intended) on the journey to weight loss and our ideal, dream body physique. Ultimately, weight loss for so many overweight Americans will lead to numerous long-term health benefits, reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and reducing stress on your joints and bones.

There are numerous options for using the swim spa for exercise. Swim against the endless current or use the underwater treadmill for a long run. Set your pace. Engage your entire body with the row bar option. And even do resistance training! Build your muscle mass and burn more calories at rest. Aqua bikes in a swim spa are another great option.

The versatility of a fitness system with rowing, running and general water workout options are infinite! Work out at home, on your schedule. Adjust your workout life and weight loss plan to your everyday responsibilities. Adjust the swim current for faster or slower swimming levels. It’s all adjustable, so set your pace and begin.

So, put together an attainable weight loss plan ahead of the new year and splash in. Move your body more often at home with the convenience of an Endless Pools Fitness System swim spa.

Sloan Blanton

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