Using Your Outdoor Hot Tub in The Middle of Winter

lXe6h0B.jpgPhoto Credit: Imgur

When the weather is cold and snowy, using your hot tub is more pleasurable than at any other time of year. That can’t be more obvious than by the way our monkey friends enjoy it, as seen in the photo above. It may seem that being in your bathing suit outside in winter might be a chilling experience. But for many hot tub owners, the time they spend in their tub during the winter months is the time they enjoy their hot tub the most.

In fact, the cold air makes the hot tub seem hotter, certainly when you enter it. When the air is warmer, the temperature difference between the outside air and the water in your hot tub is less. So in summer, while still feeling warm, your hot tub’s water does not feel as hot as it does when the air is cold in winter.

It is important to make some smart decisions when choosing the location for your outdoor hot tub. The rule is: “nearer the door is always better than further.” Of course, you need to do what works best in your yard with your landscaping and personal preferences. But with some thoughtfulness and planning, your outdoor hot tub installation will give you fun and pleasure for many years to come.

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