What are the Differences in Price Points of Hot Tubs?

There is a wide range of price points to choose from so that you can own your own hot tub. There are many choices that factor into the choice of a hot tub. You can choose anything from a luxury model to a used hot tub.

Price Point for Entry Level Hot Tubs

An entry-level hot tub usually starts at roughly $4,000. Hot tubs in this category tend to be very basic. Even though they do not have many extra features, entry-level hot tubs are a great choice for first-time hot tub buyers. 

Some entry-level hot tubs are referred to as “plug and play”. These hot tubs only require a 110V electrical connection. You’ll be up and running in no time! These can be well-insulated, making them extremely durable and energy-efficient, while still being lightweight and portable.

Price Point for Low-Range Hot Tubs

The next category after entry-level is considered mid-range hot tubs and they usually start at around $7,000. This range offers more features with higher quality options for your backyard retreat–including more lights, sound systems, and adjustable water features.

Price Point for Mid-Range Hot Tubs

Premium hot tubs usually start at around $11,000. They offer luxurious features, including saltwater options, including Watkins exclusive FreshWater Salt, more powerful circulation and jets for maximum enjoyment.

Many premium hot tubs have the ability to be more energy-efficient. Keep this in mind when choosing your hot tub. The water pumps and heaters are usually premium quality.

Price Point for Luxury Hot Tubs

A luxury hot tub is the king of hot tubs. Most luxury hot tubs start at $15,000. With a luxury hot tub, you will receive the best features and the longest life available in a hot tub. 

Your energy costs will be lower due to the high energy efficiency. Luxury hot tubs are made of very durable material and will last much longer than other models.

Price Point for Used Hot Tubs

If you’d like a premium or luxury hot tub, but your budget may not stretch that far, consider a used hot tub! Though offered at reduced price points, used hot tubs still offer the same amazing features and benefits.

Be sure you buy a used hot tub from a reputable dealer like IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces. Our used hot tubs usually come from our trade-in program, and they’re always well-maintained, expertly refurbished, and certified pre-owned. They go through a 30 point inspection and we replace worn parts.

IHT Hot Tubs and Fireplaces is ready to help you find the right hot tub for your budget and lifestyle. Come into any of our four convenient locations, or give us a call at 303-296-7727 to plan your perfect hot tub experience.