Why an Electric Fireplace is Perfect for a Family

Cold Colorado winters are on the way and you’ve said you won’t go another year without a fireplace. While each type of fireplace has its perks, if you have a family, an electric fireplace may be just the thing to keep you cozy this year. Here are a few reasons why an electric fireplace is perfect for a family.  

An Electric Fireplace is Safer for Little Fingers

While traditional wood burning fireplaces are beautiful, they can be a challenge in regards to keeping on top of safety with small children and pets. Wood burning fireplaces get hot and have a flame that is sometimes accessible, so small children need to be monitored very closely around them. An electric fireplace can still thoroughly heat your living space while the front glass stays cool to the touch. Little hands and furry tails stay safe when you install an electric fireplace in your home.

Save Money on Electric Bills

One of the major selling points of an electric fireplace is the cost efficiency. When you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your living room, you can turn down the overall temperature in your home. This does wonders for your energy bills. On average, homeowners with an electric fireplace can save ten percent on their energy bills each month. Rather than spending it on bills, you can use that money for family fun instead. 

They Don’t Take Up Much Space

Thanks to their slim profile, an electric fireplace won’t protrude into your living room. Instead of sacrificing limited entertaining space in smaller areas, you can install an electric fireplace. You can comfortably fit in friends and family while enjoying the ambiance of your new fireplace when you choose an electric fireplace. 

Low Maintenance Means More Time For Family

Wood burning fireplaces are beautiful, but it’s no secret that they require some extra time and effort. You have to chop or purchase firewood, haul it inside, and spend time cleaning out ash and soot. If you’re interested in a gorgeous fireplace without all the work, then an electric fireplace is perfect for your family. Instead of spending your weekends doing fireplace upkeep, you can spend them enjoying time with your family. In fact, you can have an impromptu family night in front of the fire thanks to the ease of use and maintenance of an electric fireplace.  

Pick Out Your Perfect Fireplace Today

As you research fireplaces, it’s easy to see why an electric fireplace is perfect for your family. Now that you know which type of fireplace you want, it’s time to call IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces. Our knowledgeable team can guide you through the process to discover the right fireplace for your home. We have an extensive selection of electric, wood burning, and gas fireplaces, including Kozy Heat®. But we don’t stop at fireplaces. We also carry Endless Pools®  swim spas, as well as new and used hot tubs, including Hot Spring®  and Caldera® Spas. Call us today at 303-755-4772 to learn more and request a free quote.

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