The Ultimate Guide to Installing a New Swim Spa

While a heated swimming pool is a great idea for homeowners with a backyard big enough to fit a pool, the cost, time, and effort to install and maintain one can be major drawbacks. Besides, even though a pool is good for swimming, a swim spa is the obvious choice if you want to combine swimming, hydrotherapy, and in-water workouts. Swim spas are easier and faster to install, don’t consume as much real estate, and won’t cost as much as a conventional inground pool. Endless Pools® swim spas offer great workout, swimming, and recreation options, and are easy to install and maintain. If you’re considering buying a swim spa, check out our ultimate guide to installing a new swim spa.

Do Your Homework Before Installation

If you have settled on the perfect swim spa model based on your needs, there’s a bit of homework you need to do before installing. Most swim spa models are freestanding and can be installed above ground, in-ground, or partially in-ground. However, general rules regarding installation remain the same for all installation types except for the rules regarding the foundation and base. Generally speaking, partially in-ground swim spas offer the best of the in-ground and above-ground options.

Whichever type of installation you choose, ensure you have ample space to place your swim spa. Make sure that you have the right measurements of your new swim spa. For example, the Endless Pools E2000 model has overall dimensions of 20′ L x 58″ H x 89″ W. You’ll want to be sure that there is easy access to your choice of location for delivery and installation. This means that you should have enough space not only to place your swim spa, but also sizable access for delivery and installation. If you have the space to place the swim spa, but your entry area is not big enough, a crane may be necessary for delivery.

And don’t forget that the service folks will need space to access your spa for maintenance and repairs, if needed. So, leave enough room around the swim spa to ensure space for this.

Choose the Right Location 

First and foremost, make sure that your swim spa has access to water supply, drainage, and power supply. Like with any other regular use products, swim spas need timely care tasks like purging and cleaning. Also, check the amount of voltage needed for the swim spa to operate. For example, Endless Pools swim spas require 220V of current. And remember, a swim spa is so much more than a decorative piece for your backyard. To get the most out of it, it needs to be conveniently located.

It’s highly recommended that you have ample moving space around your swim spa for easy entry and exit. A distance of ten feet from the property or the nearest tree root is recommended. Check if the view from your potential swim spa location is pleasing to your eyes when you are working out, swimming, or just soaking in it. Consider the level of privacy you prefer. If your privacy needs are high, place the swim spa in a place that is not visible to your neighbors. Or, you might want to consider an enclosure or shade.

Notes for Indoor Swim Spas

Some people prefer placing their swim spa indoors. Although swim spas are heated, some people might not want to brave the weather outside when it gets too cold or hot. An indoor placement, too, will require more or less the same conditions to be met. Power source, drainage, and water supply are vital here. However, an indoor placement might not allow the kind of space one would otherwise get in an outdoor setting. So, make sure there is at least enough space to move around. A minimum of two feet on all sides from the nearest wall is desirable. Ensure proper ventilation and natural light, and you can mitigate some of the disadvantages of an indoor swim spa.

Choose the Right Base

It is important that you place your swim spa on level ground. Concrete is a preferred foundation option. Make sure the concrete slab is strong enough to support the weight of your filled swim spa. The base should be without bumps and voids. If you choose an in-ground or partially in-ground swim spa, make sure that the walls enclosing the spa are also smooth and level, and without bumps, cracks, and voids.

The Surrounding Area is Important Too

The area surrounding your swim spa is important, as well. It’s best if the path to the spa and the immediate area around it is not slippery or too rough. You want to be safe getting in and out of your swim spas. Good wood decking is preferred by many. It’s a good idea to avoid grass or gravel. Grass and gravel can get transferred to the water from your feet and cause issues with vents and jets. Try not to place the spa in an area where there are plants and trees that shed a lot of leaves. You don’t want to be clearing the leaves from your spa water on a regular basis. 

Once you install your new swim spa, be sure to learn the proper care for it. Staying on top of your swim spa maintenance will keep it in tiptop shape and your family happy for years to come.


Still not sure about installing a new swim spa for your home? No problem. Get in touch with us for an in-home consultation, and our experts will guide you on every aspect of choosing and installing a swim spa. We also offer great upgrades to your Endless Pools swim spa in case you want to add more features to it in the future. 

While a good swim spa will enhance your lifestyle, a wood burning fireplace, gas fireplace, or electric fireplace will enhance your post-swim spa experience. Stop by and talk to us about your perfect Denver fireplace. IHT also offers Caldera hot tubs from the Caldera Spas® range and Hot Spring® hot tubs. Apart from new swim spa models, IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces also sells refurbished swim spas.


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