Endless Summer with Endless Pools Swim Spas

Close your eyes. Breath deep. Relax your shoulders.

Think ahead to summer 2021. You and your family are discussing the many choices available for maintaining fitness, relaxation, and spending quality time together, all while keeping your family as safe as possible.

You could join a gym, if they are open, and risk exposing yourself to one of the top three COVID hotspots. Pools and beaches may still be closed, so there goes swim time. So how can you still achieve your quality time and fitness goals?

Then you remember hearing about the endless benefits of a swim spa, and everything comes together.

Endless Pools Fitness Systems swim spa

Your daughter with the dream of being the next Missy Franklin; you’ll get to see her growth and determination as she plunges into the most high-tech swim system available to supportive parents. Your son who just wants his best friend over for a splash afternoon but water parks are no longer an option. Now you have a perfectly safe at-home solution. Make points with your spouse who wants to be able to keep up a swim routine after missed it all summer. Do you see yourself revolving between a deep core workout on the water treadmill and a soothing swim to relax and unwind?

Ask yourself; is this image right for my family?

If you answered yes, we are excited to introduce you to IHT Endless Pools Fitness Systems. We can help you find the one that is right for you and designed for all aspects of your life. You will have your own aquatic gym with everything you need: treadmill, bike, rower, and exercise bands, all utilizing the Endless Pool’s continuous hydraulic directional jets. If you are worried about the comfort of swimming into turbulent jet water, don’t be. The hydraulic directional jets are designed by the industry’s top developers to simulate swimming into a pleasant summer stream. Strong, but not punishing. You will be able to enjoy the convenience  and safety of your personalized workout system and a world-renowned hydrotherapy massage in one family friendly experience. You can start you endless summer right in the comfort of your own backyard oasis.

If this unique fitness system feels like it belongs in your backyard, it is time to act. You are a planner, already thinking about next summer, so it is no surprise to you that in these uncertain times, purchasing an Endless Pool Swim System takes some extra preparation.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Call or text us today to schedule a swim spa experience at one of our locations in Denver, Highlands Ranch and Boulder. Then grab your family and your swimsuits, and come see what all the excitement is about.

Get more info on Swim Spas.

Endless Pools Fitness Systems swim spa treadmill

“Start planning your Endless Summer now!”

Dan Peacock

Summer You.  #IHTEndlessSummer

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