Endlessly Fun Games For Your Swim Spa

Your Endless Pools® swim spa is your go to spot for activity as well as relaxation. But the versatility of a swim spa allows you to make it your go to spot for family fun as well! If you’re looking for a way to add some entertainment, interaction and maybe even some competition, try these endlessly fun games in your swim spa. 


Ring Toss

Grab a set of floating ring toss online or at a nearby store. This classic game is fun for the whole family! You can choose to play in teams or as individuals. 

You can even use the rings in a modified game where they float and you toss ping pong balls with the goal of them landing inside the rings. Players gain more points for getting the ball in the rings furthest away or even with the most creative toss. 


Swim Spa Jenga 

Everyone loves the suspense of a good game of Jenga. Turn this crowd pleaser into a swim spa favorite this summer. Purchase inexpensive foam noodles and cut them in half. Stack them as you would Jenga pieces and then take turns removing them from the pile. Whoever makes it topple loses!


Ping Pong Panic

When you think of endlessly fun games in your swim spa, this game fits the bill. It will get everyone moving and is sure to provide a lot of laughs. All you need for playing are some ping pong balls! The goal of the game is to avoid touching the ping pong balls as they float through the water. 

Start by tossing a handful of ping pong balls into the center of your swim spa. Then it’s every man for himself as you try to avoid letting the ping pong balls touch you! Keep it fair by making players keep their feet inside the swim spa at all times in order not to be disqualified. 

If a ping pong ball touches a player, they must exit the swim spa. Add to the challenge by tossing a couple ping pong balls into the water every few minutes. The last person standing is the winner!


Musical Jets

You’ve played musical chairs before. Now it’s time to play the swim spa version! For this game, you’ll need to turn off half of the jets in your swim spa and have someone on music duty. This is even more fun when the music is played on a Bluetooth®  -Enabled Sound System

The goal of this game is to move around the swim spa, but not get caught in a lounge chair that doesn’t have active jets once the music stops. When the music starts, move around the swim spa in a clockwise motion. As soon as you hear the music stop, quickly get into the nearest lounge chair with active jets. If you don’t have a jet working in your chair, remove yourself from the swim spa until the game ends. Your family will be laughing as you all try to quickly find a seat. 


Endless Fun


These games are sure to add endless fun for your family as you enjoy year round fun in your Endless Pools swim spa. Now you’re armed with plenty of fun ideas to keep everyone entertained, so make sure you have the perfect Endless Pools swim spa. IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces has proudly served the Denver, Colorado, area since 1978. Our extensive selection of swim spas along with our top notch customer service ensures you’ll find the right swim spa for your family. Give us a call at 303-296-7727 for more information!

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