How to Create the Coolest Backyard Ever

You don’t need us to tell you that we’re officially in the dog days of summer. You can feel it as soon as you step outside. As you search for ways to beat the heat, don’t forget to look at the simplest solutions in your own backyard! Follow our tips on how to create the coolest backyard ever for many summers to come. 

Hot Tubs for Hot Days

If lounging in the hot tub isn’t the first idea you have when you’re trying to stay cool, maybe it should be! Yes, your usual way of enjoying your hot tub includes warm water taking the chill off a cool evening. But you can enjoy your hot tub during those hot summer days simply by turning down the heat! Lower the temperature in your hot tub and you’ll find yourself drawn to those bubbly waters even on the hottest days. 

Swim Spa Relief

Your Endless Pools® swim spa has provided hours of enjoyment for you and your family. It fills the role of home gym, swimming lessons venue, and is the heart of any backyard pool party. Now, it’s your go to destination for staying cool during the hottest days of the year. Adjust the temperature to provide instant relief from the heat as you play water sports or simply relax in the lounge seats. 

Water Features

As you’re beating the heat, don’t forget about water features! Be sure to take advantage of the water features in your Hot Spring hot tub or Endless Pools swim spa. The massaging jets are just as enjoyable in cool water as they are in hot or warm water. Beyond that, there are water features above the water to help you cool down. We honestly wouldn’t blame you if you parked yourself under one to allow cold water to splash over your head! 

CoolZone™  Cooling System

Staying cool doesn’t have to mean spending time monitoring water temperatures. In fact, with the CoolZone™  Cooling System you can maintain cold or hot water temperature with ease. This system works alongside your Endless Pools Fitness System heater to either heat or cool the water in your swim spa. Your water will be the perfect temperature no matter what time of year!

Coolest Backyard Ever 

Staying cool doesn’t have to be a challenge during the hottest days of summer. You can create the coolest backyard ever with a hot tub or swim spa from IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces. If you’re still searching for the perfect addition for your backyard, contact IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces


Since 1978, IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces has served the  Denver, Colorado, area. Our selection of new and previously owned hot tubs, exercise swim spas and accessories is sure to provide you with the perfect fit for your new backyard oasis and budget. But don’t forget about us once the warm weather disappears! We’d love to be your go to dealer for all of your fireplace needs, whether you want a woodburning, gas, or electric fireplace. Call us today at 303-296-7727 or ask for your free quote!

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