Plug-N-Play Hot Tub: It Goes Where You Go!

Everyone wants (and deserves) a little spa treatment. But if you’ve been delaying an investment in a hot tub because you’re never in the same spot for long, or renting your home we’ve got good news…you can own a hot tub. A plug-n-play hot tub makes bringing your extraordinary hydrotherapy and bubbling entertainment with you both easy AND affordable. Simply plug it in, fill it up, and enjoy! 

Moving In the Military

The amazing servicemen and women who dedicate their lives to our country know all too well that moving is part of the job. It can be hard to make long term commitments when you never know where you’ll move to next. Having a plug-n-play hot tub means you can enjoy soaking out those sore muscles after a long day of PT or relieving the mental stress that comes with work. And, when you move to a new area, inviting some friends over for a soak in your backyard is one of the BEST ways to meet new people and create strong relationships to last a lifetime.  

Let’s go camping!

The thrill of the outdoors is made all the better when you bring your hot tub with you. Imagine soaking under the stars and listening to the sounds of nature after a memorable hike to your “secret spot.” The Mini™ from the Freeflow Spas® collection is the perfect option for quick weekend trips to the local campground or week long vacations. It seats up to two people for an intimate, cozy hot tub experience. It is also light and portable for travelling convenience. Just double-check to make sure you have an electrical outlet and water access at your camping destination. This turns camping into glamping.  

Renter’s Delight

If you’re a renter, you know how limited you can be when it comes to home improvements — especially when it comes to more permanent changes like installing a hot tub. That’s why a plug-n-play hot tub is a wonderful option to bring you that premium massage therapy and entertainment you crave. Just pack it up with you when you’re ready to move on — all without changing a thing about your rental space.

Home Away From Home

Is your vacation home lacking that “something special”? We bet it’s a hot tub! A unit like the Monterey™, which comfortably seats up to seven people, is a fantastic option for entertaining a few friends or for when the whole family comes to stay with you. And when you’re ready to move back to your main home, it’s easily portable so you can carry that luxurious jet therapy and enjoy it all year long. 


High-quality hot tubs don’t have to break the bank. And no matter the reason why you move from place to place, you can still reap the host of benefits that come with owning a hot tub. At IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces, you’ll find the perfect plug-n-play hot tub that meets all your traveling needs. As long as you have a plug, you can play! Contact us to learn more about your hot tub options, schedule a virtual tour of our showroom, or shop our fantastic collection online today!

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