3 Tips for Installing a Gas Fireplace

Are you looking to cozy up by a gas fireplace of your own but aren’t sure how to install it correctly? IHT is here to help! We have been in the fireplace industry for almost 45 years and are the experts. It is highly recommended that you do not install a gas fireplace on your own. It is really quite dangerous to do this without experience. Give us a call, and we can help you complete the installation.

Tip #1: Measure your space.

Before you worry about installing your gas fireplace, you need to pick the model you want. Measure your space carefully and bring those into one of IHT’s Denver locations. Our consultants can help you select the best fit for you from there. (Note: Our Broadway location does not have fireplaces in store.)

Tip #2: Find local professionals.

You will need to work with someone who can run electricity and gas and level and install the unit correctly. Lucky for you, we work with licensed and insured installers that can do it all from frame to finish. We have been in business for almost 45 years, and our reviews speak for themselves. We will be able to take care of each of these things for you so you can just sit back and enjoy. 

You will also need to have things inspected once you are done to make sure they meet the city code for where you live in Denver and surrounding areas. If you are not experienced, the chances are the inspector will find something that needs to be corrected. You will then need to go back and redo your work or hire a professional. Either way, it will save you time and effort to let the pros do it, to begin with.

Tip #3: Know what to watch for.

While you are watching our professional install your fireplace, you can check to be sure that they have prepared the space for an installation. This would include the removal of old parts or creating the area for a unit to be placed. Then you can watch for them to run a gas line to be connected to the fireplace. This could be a new line or attached to an existing one in the home. They will also need to place an electrical switch. Once these things are done, you can watch for them to place and level the new unit and hook all of the connections up correctly. 

While we know DIY projects can be fun, this is one project we HIGHLY recommend allowing the professionals to complete. Stay safe and warm this winter by allowing IHT to place a new gas fireplace in your home. We have a large selection to choose from and the experience to get things done. Stop by today.

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