Hot Tubs Are Best in the Winter

When the average person thinks of soaking in a hot tub, they probably envision doing so on a balmy summer evening after a long day in the sun. But while the warm weather months are generally the most popular for spa use, they are not the only time of year suited for such activities. In fact, the winter may actually be the best time of all for enjoying a hot tub. 

There’s no need to fret that chilly weather is coming as long as you’ve got a hot tub. Read on to find out why you’re entering prime time for your spa when winter rolls around.

The Biggest Advantages of Winter Hot Tub Use

What makes your hot tub the place to be during the coldest months of the year? There are a lot of reasons, really. This list includes some of the best among them.

Warmth in the Cold

During the warmer months, the heat of your spa isn’t nearly as valuable as it is when it’s cold outside. If you’ve spent your day dealing with chilly winds and icy conditions, the feeling of entering the heated water of your spa can be pure bliss. Thaw out in there, and you’ll be in a state of unmatched relaxation.

people resting in hot tub after skateboarding in winter

A Place for Socialization

Summertime is the social season. There’s always something going on, and everyone you know tends to be more active and interested in being out and about. Winter is generally the total opposite. It’s the hibernation time when it takes a whole lot more coaxing to inspire socialization among your friends and loved ones. 

One of the best ways to inspire anyone to spend some quality time with you is by offering a relaxing soak in the spa. Who doesn’t want to kick back in paradise and forget the cold gray world of winter for a moment?

Enjoy the Holidays in Style

Winter doesn’t officially start until just before Christmas, but late fall is winter’s next-door neighbor, and there’s usually not a lot of difference between the two. That is except for the fact that you’ve got multiple holidays to enjoy right around this time — and what better way to enjoy them than by soaking in your spa? 

The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons can be wonderful, but they can also be intensely stressful. You can easily wash away some of that stress with the help of your hot tub.

Various Health Benefits

Cold weather means weakened immune systems, sore joints, and increased stress from the holidays and the general grayness of the world around you. Fortunately, there’s a fantastic way to address all of these issues — relaxing in your hot tub. Your spa can relieve stress, ease aches and pains, and help boost your immune system so you can make it through the winter with greater comfort.

hot tub with a view of winter forest

Tips for Winter Hot Tub Use

Winter may be the best time of the year to enjoy a hot tub, but there are some added precautions you need to consider in order to safely use yours when the weather is cold. Consider the following tips to maximize your safety this winter:

Don’t Soak Too Long

You should always keep your hot tub time down to around 20 minutes or so. It can be easier to extend your stay when the weather outside the tub is frigid. Keep that in mind, and make sure to avoid overdoing it.

Wear Sandals

You don’t want to freeze your feet before entering the tub. The contrasting temperatures are not good for your body, nor do they feel good at all. Bring some sandals out with you when you’re ready to soak.

hot tub with opened cover installed in a backyard surrounded by snow

Have an Exit Strategy

Standing around outside in freezing weather when you’re soaking wet can become dangerous in a hurry. Fluffy robes and warm towels are very welcoming to exiting the tub, keep all your items in an easily accessible area so that you don’t have to linger too long once you’re ready to head inside.

Superior Spas From International Hot Tubs

If you’re interested in adding a hot tub to your home this winter, reach out to International Hot Tubs today, and we’ll help you get started.

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