Designed for ultimate wellness and easy ownership.

HotSpring® spas proudly sets a premium standard for hot tub enjoyment and ownership. Superior hydrotherapy, easy water care, and energy efficiency are primary features setting their products apart from other hot tubs on the market. With three collections to choose from, Hot Spring Spas offers a wide variety of hot tubs to suit your unique lifestyle. Hot Spring Spa…Every day made better!


These hot tubs truly represent what it means to live the high life. Innovative, efficient, and stylish, they help optimize your quality of life through both their therapeutic features and user-friendly controls. Various sizes are available to accommodate a broad range of lifestyles. Whatever your wellness goals, the Highlife Collection has something for you.
  • 8 Models
  • FreshWater® Salt System Ready
  • 100% No-Bypass Filtration System
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These hot tubs are packed with features that make them a pleasure to use and easy to maintain. From their cutting-edge filtration systems to their sleek, modern designs, the Limelight hot tubs have it all. Whether you're looking for a relaxing soak after a long day or a fun-filled night with friends, the Limelight collection has a hot tub that's perfect for you.
  • 5 Models
  • FreshWater® Salt System Ready
  • Dual Action Filtration
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Hot Spot®

Hot Spot hot tubs provide an elegant mix of luxurious relaxation and value. They offer a variety of features and benefits that other hot tub collections on the market do not. With luxurious options like multi-zone,  customizable lighting, powerful jet systems, and a unique array of sizes, the Hot Spot Collection sets itself apart as one of the most accommodating hot tub collections in the market.
  • 6 Models
  • FROG® @ease® In-Line Sanitizing System
  • Outstanding Performance
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HotSpring® Features


Investing in a Hot Spring Spa offers years of reliable, enjoyable performance. For the past 40 years, they have consistently set the industry standard for hot tubs with high-quality construction and durable materials. This is why they are known as the top hot tubs when it comes to reliability and longevity.

The name Hot Spring Spas has become synonymous with quality and durability, so when you choose one, you know you're investing in a product that will provide many hours upon hours of hydrotherapy, relaxation, and just pure fun. Each spa is built to last, so you can be sure that your spa will give you uninterrupted pleasure for many years to come.

Massage Hydrotherapy

Hot Spring hot tubs provide an exceptional massage hydrotherapy experience thanks to the combination of warm swirling waters and intentionally placed jet systems. With the ability to adjust the temperature of your hot tub to your desired level, you can relax and enjoy a powerful yet gentle jetted massage from head to toe.

Hydrotherapy has many health and wellness benefits that include stress relief, improved circulation, pain relief, reduced inflammation, and relaxation of sore, tired muscles. With Hot Spring Spas, you have access to one of the best massaging experiences available on the market today.

Water Care

Maintaining your Hot Spring hot tub is a breeze with the water care systems it offers. Forget about balancing harsh chemicals by yourself and spend more time enjoying your hot tub instead.

The FreshWater® Salt System adds convenience to your life by generating its own chlorine using salt. Not only does it make spa water gentle on skin and eyes, but also reduces drain and fills to once a year when used properly. Available only in Highlife and Limelight collection hot tubs.

The Frog® @ease® In-line Sanitizing System requires only one pre-filled cartridge that fits in the holder, allowing for self-regulated chemistry balance of hot tub water without any effort from you. kills bacteria while using 75% less chlorine than traditional methods using chlorine. Available only in the Hot Spot collection hot tubs.

Relax knowing that Hot Spring Spas makes taking care of your hot tub hassle free.

Energy Efficiency

Hot Spring Spas are known for providing top-notch energy-efficient performance. Every single one of their hot tubs is equipped with the Energy Smart® System, which helps reduce energy consumption and lowers your energy bill.

This innovative system features a high-density polyurethane foam insulation in both the shell and base pan that provides optimal heat retention against cold air and ground. Plus, a lower-energy pump system and titanium heater that maximizes heat transfer while using less power, and the pump shroud also captures heat from the equipment to prevent water cooling.

Also, every Hot Spring Spa comes with a vinyl spa cover that locks in heat and prevents water evaporation when the hot tub is not in use.

With this system in place, you can enjoy the luxury of a Hot Spring hot tub without worrying about unnecessarily high electricity bills.


Hot Spring Spas have stunning design details that enhance the beauty of any modern backyard. The sleek, clean lines of these hot tubs make them an eye-catching star in your outdoor space.

With a range of colors and combinations to choose from, you can customize your hot tub to match your own unique tastes. Will you go for a warmer, cozy feel with a cabinet in Bronze and a shell in Tuscan Sun? Or will you opt for a bright yet relaxed combo of an Ivory shell with a Driftwood cabinet? You could even go dark and dramatic with a Shale cabinet and Ice Gray shell. The combinations are almost endless!

Recharge Your Spirit

Have you been imagining a blissful backyard sanctuary? Bring your hot tub dreams to reality.

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