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Do you have questions about hot tubs, swim spas, fireplaces, or other service and care information? IHT Hot Tubs, Swim Spas & Fireplaces offers the answers you need to the questions we hear the most. Browse our comprehensive FAQs to get the answers you need to our most frequently asked questions.

Hot Tubs

With IHT’s virtual buying experience, you can get a virtual tour of our hot tubs from the comfort of your home. Visit our “Buy From Home” page for more information and to schedule your free virtual visit. Our tour expert will verify your appointment, and prepare for your visit.

When searching for a new spa, the first thing to consider is what hot tub size and amenities fit your lifestyle.

Are you looking for an easy plug-and-play spa that plugs right into a standard dedicated outdoor outlet? These spas are easy to move, because they aren’t hardwired into your home. With a 110V unit, lower electrical use means energy-efficient options. For example, the heater will not come back on until the jets are turned off. If you use your hot tub for a quiet retreat for two, a 110V plug-and-play hot tub may be a good option. However, if you need the power of a larger spa with lots of features, a 230V option is a great idea. 110V spas are only offered by certain manufacturers, but there is a wide selection of options if this is your preference.

When thinking of about a 230V hot tub vs. a 110V spa, you can think in terms of power. Double the power means extra amenities that may make your hot tub ownership experience better than ever. From WiFi and Bluetooth® connectivity to extra seating and powerful jet action, a 230V spa delivers exceptional hydrotherapy and luxury options.

Still have questions? Call or text us at (303) 296-7727. We will be happy to provide the information you need to make the best decision for your spa enjoyment.

Quality spas carry several different certifications that allow for safe hot tub use. Although many municipalities allow for a hot tub cover to secure your spa for safety, some do require an additional barrier or fence. If you have questions about fence, gate, or barrier requirements for your local Colorado municipality, contact IHT at (303) 296-7727 to obtain the information you need.

This is an excellent question. Different hot tubs have different seating configurations, including differences is width, depth, and jet placement. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to schedule a free test soak to experience our different hot tub options before you buy. Our professionals are experts at fitting you to the right seating that is perfect for your height and body type. And with a private test soak, you’ll be able to ask all your questions and try out the jets to make sure that you choose a hot tub that is ergonomically correct for your body.

Although the quick answer to most hot tub drains onto your lawn is “yes,” there are a few things you want to do. First, you need to consider what type of water care chemicals are in your hot tub.

With a chlorine or bromine spa, it’s important to let your chemicals evaporate before you drain your spa water Use your test strips to ensure that your chlorine or bromine reading is at zero after leaving your hot tub cover off during the day. When the number is neutral, you can use your spa water on your grass and on non-edible flower and garden plants. This is a great way to recycle your water, especially if the season is dry.

If you use SilkBalance™, you don’t need to worry about draining. Feel free to drain your spa at any time. It will not damage grass or plants

Saltwater spas should never be drained onto your grass. The salt in your spa could be harmful to plants. You can drain it through a hose into an area free of vegetation. This can keep your lawn looking healthy and undamaged by the salt in your spa.

If you need additional draining instructions, contact IHT’s customer care department at 303-296-7727.

When blinking lights have you concerned, it is usually an easy fix. Your Hot Spring owner’s manuals contain a troubleshooting guide to help you solve minor issues. Find step-by-step instructions for what can cause error lights to come on. No technical ability is needed. If you cannot resolve the issues, our customer care department is also here to help at 303-296-7727.

Just like you wouldn’t want to pour chemicals into your washing machine around the clock, there’s no need to add chemicals to your hot tub water all day long. Dispensers do exactly that – they dispense chemicals all day whether your hot tub water needs it or not.

Part of the issue with dispenser tablets is that they do not dissolve in an even pattern. Pieces can break off and sit on the surface of your hot tub below the dispenser. This is dangerous for your beautiful new spa, as sitting chemicals may etch and pitch your shell’s surface. Once the damage has been done, you’ll be left with a rough surface that cannot be repaired, causing hazards to skin and swimsuits. For other easy-to-use water care options, contact your local IHT water care specialist for recommendations that are safe to use in your spa.

Having a good relationship with your local IHT dealer can help you extend the life of your spa, even if it has previously been used. As an authorized dealer for Hot Spring®, Caldera®, Freeflow®, BestLife®, and Nordic Hot TubsTM, we are your trusted local authority on everything you need for your new-to-you spa.

Our manufacturer-recommended replacement parts and water care chemicals can equip you for successful spa service. We will also have the most updated factory information if you need service or upgrades for your used spa in the future.

Unless you find a used spa in good condition on your own, all Watkins Wellness® dealers like IHT Hot Tubs, Swim Spas & Fireplaces are contracted to sell and service hot tubs and swim spas from Hot Spring®, Caldera®, Freeflow®, and Endless Pools®. Your new IHT spa is backed by some of the strongest warranties in the industry. We also provide warranty service for new spa purchases to ensure that every IHT customer is taken care of. Our delivery team and technicians are masters at correctly caring for your new hot tub from the time it leaves our store through your lifetime of ownership. With both warranty and after-warranty service available, buying your hot tub from your local IHT authorized dealer can help to ensure that you have the best service, water care products, and customer attention in the future.
There are many professional spa aromatherapy products on the market. IHT recommends you use only products specifically made for hot tub and hot water use. Other products for home use may clog your filters and damage your spa. IHT carries a wide range of hot tub approved products to choose from. Aromatherapy products designed for hot tubs will not void your hot tub warranty.
The perfect spa is designed for the whole family to use. However, each individual child may have needs that are specific to their growth and development. Although hot tub use is not recommended for infants and very young children, older children will enjoy this special time with their families. IHT offers brands from Hot Spring®, Caldera®, Freeflow®, BestLife®, and Nordic Hot TubsTM to help you find the perfect fit for your whole family. Some cool-down seats offer higher seating to keep a child’s torso out of the water, allowing for a cooler soaking experience. You can also turn down the water temperature to extend your spa soak together. Consult your children’s pediatrician or family doctor to make sure a hot tub session is right for your littlest ones. As for pets, you’ve made a great investment in your IHT hot tub. Don’t risk damage from pet hair and dander that can clog filters and plumbing. You also don’t want claw scratches on your spa shell. Since pets can’t sweat like humans, the heat of the water can also be dangerous, overheating their bodies quickly. As an option, set up a kiddie pool next to your hot tub for your pet to play in so they can enjoy family time in close proximity while you soak.

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), hot tub use is not advised during pregnancy. Because the heat of the water can raise your body’s core temperature in the same way that a fever can, this allows a chance of risk to the baby. There is also a risk to the mother of overheating and dehydration.

For a safer option, lower the temperature of the hot tub and limit time to under 10 minutes. Also keep your head, arms and upper torso above the water. Get out if you become uncomfortable or overheated.

Most importantly, always consult your OBGYN or doctor if you plan to use your hot tub while pregnant. The recommendation may change depending on your health status.

Swimsuit or skinny dip: it is totally a personal preference and sometimes a question of logistics. If you use a swimsuit, there are a couple of things to consider. Adding clothing and swimsuits to your hot tub soaks can introduce detergents, contaminants, and additives to your hot tub water that can cause foam or frothing. But if you have a swimsuit that is solely for hot tub use, you may be able to avoid this issue. Instead of washing your swimsuit with detergent, simply rinse it clean after your spa soak. The same chemicals that sanitize your water will sanitize your swimwear, too. Simply hang to dry in the sun or lay flat outside. The sun can also act as a sanitizer. Then when you retreat to soak in your spa again, you won’t have to worry about detergents and oils clogging up your filters and equipment.

We love assisting our in-store customers with everything they need for successful water care! From free water testing to the leading brands of chemicals for your hot tub or swim spa, you will find the support and advice you need for all your water care needs. You can even order in the store and we will take your products out to your car for you!

Absolutely! Your safety is a top priority. That’s why we make it easy for you to order hot tub and swim spa water care, filters, parts, and accessories conveniently from home through multiple ordering options.

Order on the New IHT E-Store

Do you love the convenience of online shopping? With our new online e-store at DenverHotTubSupplies.com, you can order all of your favorite IHT products. From water care chemicals to supplies and accessories, it’s as easy as a click of a button to add your favorites to your online cart.

And as a special thank you for being a loyal IHT customer, use code IHT10% at checkout for a 10% discount every time you shop online. Enjoy free UPS shipping right to your doorstep with all orders of $75 and up.*

Call, Text, and Email Ordering

Text or call (303) 296-7727 or email customercare@IHTspas.com to place your order for UPS delivery or curbside pickup.

  • You can call or text your nearest location at any time. One of our expert staff will get your order processed and take payment information over the phone.
  • You’ll receive a text as soon as your order is ready for pickup.
  • Curbside pickup is available at all four locations for no-contact, convenient delivery. Just call when you arrive, pop your trunk, and we will bring your order right out. You never have to leave the comfort of your vehicle!


*Free shipping applies to orders over $75 via UPS. Qualified $75 total is calculated after all discounts are applied to the total. Pickup orders and qualified orders over $75 do not have a fee. Pick up orders at the showroom other than the Broadway location may be processed at the Broadway location and take longer to be ready for pickup if some of the items need to be transferred to the showroom.

Working with an authorized Watkins Wellness® dealer like IHT gives you access to the best in parts and components for your Hot Spring®, Caldera® or Freeflow® hot tub. Even if your spa is older, we can order parts from Watkins Wellness that fit your spa. If we can’t order the original hot tub replacement part, your part will be replaced with a component of equal or greater value. Replacement hot tub covers and locks are also available to keep your spa and your family safe and sound.
IHT Hot Tubs, Swim Spas & Fireplaces has all the resources you need. Simply find your hot tub make and model owner’s manual here to view, download or print.

All of our locations have customer care members who are dedicated to helping you with the information or resources you need. Or you can call or text (303) 296-7727 for help with your question.

Swim Spas

Swim spas are a great option for someone who wants a swimming pool, a spa, and a home gym all rolled into one. Swim spas like the Endless Pools® models found at IHT offer a continuous open-water current that allows you to swim in place without having to swim from wall to wall. Swim spas are also incredible for low-impact, high-result fitness, especially when you add in workout options such as an Aqua Bike, underwater treadmill, rowing kit, aquatic weights, and more. Choose your Endless Pools Fitness System, Exercise System, or Rec System from IHT for an incredible swim spa ownership experience. There are swim spas available for every level of swim ability, from first time novice learners, to highly trained aquatic athletes. We have everything from infant swim lessons to Ironman triathletes using Endless Pools systems.
When you have options for swim spas, you may wonder what the different terms mean. Is there a difference between a swim spa, exercise pool, or fitness system? Technically, there is. A model that is known as a swim spa will focus on swimming as its primary use. These often have recovery coves or jetted seats that allow you to relax after a great swim. Swim currents are also important as is training technology that allows you to experience interval training and a variety of workouts that use the powerful current. Our Endless Pools® SwimCross™ Exercise Systems use a boost effect for a low-turbulent jetted swim current with powerful water flow. Next, exercise pools focus on fitness as their main purpose. Although you can still swim in place, fitness amenities are the main attraction. Some models have jetted seats, but this is not always the case. A Swim Cross Exercise System X200 or X500 is the perfect alternative when you are looking for an exercise pool. And when you want the best environment for the perfect swim, a fantastic workout, and the best in relaxation, an Endless Pools Fitness System is your best choice for a wonderful ownership experience. From an underwater treadmill to rowing kit anchors and equipment, you’ll find a premier space for fitness. And with jetted seats and comforting hydromassage, you may have a space you never want to leave. The perfect combination of a swim spa and an exercise pool, your Endless Pools Fitness System from IHT can complement any home and turn your backyard into a year-round swimmers paradise.

With nine incredible Endless Pools® swim spa options from IHT Hot Tubs, Swim Spas & Fireplaces, finding the right swim spa for your needs is a breeze. Check out these perfect swim spas that are sure to add years of pleasure and fitness.

Endless Pools® Fitness Systems come in four amazing models and sizes.

  • E2000: 20’ x 89“
  • E700: 17’ x 89“
  • E550: 15’ x 94”
  • E500: 15’ x 89”


Endless Pools® SwimCross® Exercise Systems come in three fantastic models and sizes.

  • X2000: 20’ x 89“
  • X500: 15’ x 89“
  • X200: 12’ x 89“


Endless Pools® RecSport® Recreation Systems come in two beautiful models and sizes.

  • R500: 15’ x 89“
  • R200:12’ x 89“


When you own an Endless Pools® swim spa, it’s important to keep it in top condition. Balancing your water, draining and filling your spa, and running your filter cycle are all key to a healthy spa. You’ll also want to wash the interior and exterior of your swim spa quarterly, as well as clean and condition your cover every month. This can help keep your swim spa looking and performing like new.

Follow your owner’s manual for further instructions on swim spa maintenance. And with valet service from IHT, you can have your swim spa cleaned and cared for with as little effort as a phone call. Call (303) 296-7727 to schedule swim spa service today.

Endless Pools® Fitness Systems, Exercise Systems, and Rec Systems are designed for year-round use. However, during very cold Colorado days, your swim spa may need weather-related considerations. Contact IHT by phone or text at (303) 296-7727 to discuss the winter needs of your premium swim spa in the Denver area.

Have you already chosen your new swim spa’s perfect location? If not, there are a few things to consider when looking at where to place your Endless Pools® swim spa at home. A fitness system, exercise system, or recreation system come in different sizes and footprints, but they all need a similar foundation to ensure your success.

Since a filled swim spa can weigh several tons, it’s vital to consider these important questions.

  1. Do you have a firm foundation? Is your patio or concrete pad reinforced and thick enough to support the weight of your swim spa when filled with water and people?
  2. Is the area where you will place your swim spa level?
  3. Do you have adequate drainage away from your swim spa area?
  4. Is there easy access to water for when you need to drain and fill your spa or to top it off with new water?
  5. Is there enough space for needed steps or decking?
  6. Are you building a custom deck that will allow for maintenance panel removal and access in case you need your swim spa serviced?
  7. Do you need your hardwired electrical line installed, run or any electrical upgrades before installation?
  8. Are you installing your swim spa indoors or out? If installing indoors, please consult our customer care department at 303-296-7727 for additional considerations.
  9. Have you scheduled your crane delivery?

If you have questions about the location where you plan to place your swim spa, our specialists are experts at helping you achieve a successful installation. IHT offers a free on-site consultation. We can view your property, make recommendations, and connect you with the resources you need for the perfect installation. As always, IHT Hot Tubs, Swim Spas & Fireplaces is here to help you every step of the way. Call or text (303) 296-7727 to discuss your options or to schedule your on-site consultation at your convenience.

With the introduction of his first continuous-current swim machine, Endless Pools® founder James Murdock introduced the power of swim spa fitness in 1998. For over 30 years, Endless Pools has led the way in helping customers like you achieve their health and wellness goals while staying active in their favorite at-home retreat. When Endless Pools joined Watkins Wellness® in 2015, the amazing Fitness Systems were created, pairing the best in swim-in-place technology with the #1 spa manufacturer in the world.

Buying an Endless Pools swim spa means an experience like no other. IHT takes pride in offering the best swim spas on the market to add value, wellness, and enjoyment to your life. You’ll find:

  • Superior Design: Every Endless Pools swim spa is manufactured with superior technology, high-quality materials, and long-lasting components. From the shell design to the graceful seats and cabinetry, you’ll have a stunning space to call your own. LED illumination offers beautiful ambiance at night, while the crystal clear water is a delight to the senses. Any fitness system, exercise system, or recreation system will be a showstopper at your home and a place of endless hours of enjoyment.
  • Exceptional Strength: Endless Pools Fitness Systems and Exercise Systems are crafted with steel-frame strength and an ABS base pan. Superior construction means that your swim spa will stand the test of time, giving you the peace of mind you need for your incredible purchase.
  • Energy Efficiency: With upgrades like incredible insulation, Tri-Thermic™ Barrier System three-quarter inch, two-pound density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam, and reflective film on your cabinet’s interior, and a high-quality swim spa cover, your spa is designed to keep the heat right where it belongs – in your spa. Paired with a two-inch thick heat blanket manufactured from high-quality recycled textile fibers and foil film, the materials on the interior and exterior of your swim spa work together to provide maximum thermal protection. Coupled with energy-efficient pumps, you’ll quickly find that there isn’t another swim spa on the market that compares.
  • Practical Features & Add-Ons: From the amateur swimmer, to the professional athlete, you’ll love the design of the features that enhance your swim spa experience. Utilize the teal accents on the floor of the spa-like swim lane markers. Add aquatic exercise accessories to boost your fitness routine. And when you’ve accomplished your workout goals, retreat to your jetted recovery area for a massage that leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed.


At IHT, we strongly believe there isn’t a better swim spa on the market. Schedule your free test swim to see for yourself just how wonderful Endless Pools swim spa ownership can be.

IHT offers all of the best amenities for swim spas. Our underwater treadmill for E-series models works with a hydraulic power unit (HPU). Biodegradable vegetable oil is pumped into your underwater treadmill’s motor. With innovation and expert design, your energy-efficient treadmill is an amazing fitness amenity, giving you an eco-friendly experience while delivering incredible power.

Your underwater treadmill can achieve speeds of up to 5.5 MPH as you run in the water. Easily adjustable, it’s easy to use your treadmill with or without the resistance of the swim current for any fitness level. With versatility and benefits to gain, the addition of an underwater treadmill is a wonderful feature that you can add to your swim spa sessions.

The treadmill is installed during the process of building your hot tub. You will need to order the treadmill at the time of purchase. It is not an add-on product after the swim spa is built.

Are you ready for a full-body, low-impact workout? Adding an underwater treadmill to your IHT Endless Pools® Fitness System is a wonderful way to make the most out of your workouts. Challenge yourself with the resistance of the swim current for high-result resistance training that targets your core, legs, and upper body.

Or, use your treadmill without the current to mimic running on land. The support of the water will ease pressure on joints and muscles, giving relief while delivering a challenging workout. You’ll also avoid dangerous distractions such as traffic and uneven pavement that can cause injury.

With an array of physical and mental benefits, running on an underwater treadmill can help you make the most of your fitness system. And with the privacy of your backyard swim spa, you can use your secluded retreat whenever you want. This can help you achieve your fitness goals, making getting in the workout you need fun and exciting. Change up your workout routine with amazing fitness amenities for swim spas found at your nearest IHT location.

Swim spas are a large body of water, heating up at about one to two degrees per hour. Keeping the cover on when your swim spa is not in use will help to retain heat so that your swim spa stays at the temperature of your liking.


IHT offers a wide selection of stoves, fireplaces, fireplace inserts, and accessories from Kozy Heat®, Majestic®, Osburn™, and Valcourt™ for your residential or vacation home. You can find easy-to-own gas, wood, and electric fire options to turn your home into the warm and comfortable getaway you desire. And with expert assistance from your IHT fireplace expert, it couldn’t be easier to choose the perfect fire features that are right for your home, office, and outdoor areas..

Our amazing fireplace partners are skilled craftsmen. When you choose fireplaces or other fire products from IHT, you have options of updating and upgrading your home both indoors and out. Call us today at (303) 296-7727 to explore your options.

IHT carries the top brands in the fireplace industry with a variety of features and price points to suit every need. If you are looking for fireplaces in Denver, Boulder, or Highlands Ranch, each of our four locations allow you to search your options, speak to a fireplace specialist, and request a price quote. You can also request pricing online for any of our products.

Fireplaces are a fantastic way to heat your home! From wood burning fireplaces with blowers to gas inserts and freestanding stoves, IHT has a variety of heating products that are perfect for the Denver metro area chilly nights and winters. You’ll quickly see and feel the difference that comes from having a quality fire product from IHT Hot Tubs,Swim Spas & Fireplaces – your specialist for home heating options.

IHT is a full service hearth design center. From initial inquiries through our on-site consultation at your home, we can provide you with the highest level of customer service in the Denver area. Our goal is to assist you in your fireplace or fire product purchase, taking into account your lifestyle, home’s requirements, design needs, and installation options. We can provide information, technical knowledge, and design assistance for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you are a new homeowner, are building or remodeling a home, or are a seasoned professional or contractor, IHT is your ally in building the most comfortable spaces at home.

Having fireplaces in a variety of spaces can help add ambiance and beauty to your home. As the leader in fireplace and fire product models, IHT has options that are available for every space. From direct vent gas products to inserts and freestanding stoves, you can choose the perfect products for your home. Let IHT match your likes and lifestyle to find the perfect hearth product for your needs.

Outdoor fireplaces are becoming more and more desirable as people take at-home living outdoors. IHT offers the very best in outdoor fireplaces to enhance your living or dining space, providing warmth, comfort, and ambiance day and night. Visit our fireplace design gallery for inspiration on how you can build incredible outdoor spaces.

Water Care

Using professional water chemicals like the ones offered by IHT can help you save money and time as you care for your hot tub or swim spa. Big box store chemicals often contain binders and additives to extend shelf life. Since they sit on the shelves for extended periods of time, the chemicals you receive may be less powerful. Because you’ll have to use more to do the same job as professional chemicals, you’ll wind up wasting time and money on a job that should be routine.

Instead, trust IHT to deliver all of the chemicals you need. Whether you stop in-store or sign up for autoship delivery service, our chemicals are perfectly formulated for your spa’s needs. And with free water testing, you’ll never waste money on chemicals you don’t need. Trust the water care experts at IHT with your treasured investment. Choosing the right chemicals can make all the difference in how you own, maintain, and love using your spa.

IHT is your one-stop shop for everything you need for your hot tub or swim spa, including exceptional valet service. Sign up today! Whether you need weekly maintenance or a customized plan that fits your individual needs, one of our trained and qualified technicians will be at your home to care for your spa.

The incredible FreshWater™ Salt System is available on select IHT Hot Spring® and Caldera® spas. This simple-to-use system banishes worry over hot tub water care maintenance by using salt, keeping your spa clean and sanitized for up to a year before a water change is required. A special cell converts the salt in your water to chlorine, generating the sanitizing chemicals you need to keep your water sparkling and clean. 

Spend more time enjoying your spa and less time trying to figure out how to measure measuring and add adding chemicals to your water. Remove the guesswork and hassle of water care with the ease of Watkins Wellness® FreshWater Salt System.

The amazing FreshWater™ Salt System offers an array of benefits that owners have come to love. With the natural feel of salt water that is soft on skin, hair, and swimwear, you’ll never have itchy or dry skin or irritated eyes. Saltwater contains no odor, delivering an experience that is free from the chemicals smell of public amenities. With fewer chemicals added to the water, you’ll quickly see savings you’ll love.

Since there’s hardly any measuring and balanced water care is a breeze, and you’ll have more time for the soothing spa soaks you love. You only need to change your water once a year, so you’ll also experience huge savings on the water that’s required for normal quarterly drain and fills. With all of the benefits, what’s not to love about the FreshWater™ Salt System.

Watkins Wellness® used unique, patent-pending technology to develop the leading saltwater system for select Hot Spring® and Caldera® hot tubs. Utilizing the best in technology, FreshWater® Salt Systems boast an easy-to-use disposable titanium cartridge that converts salt into usable chlorine for your spa. Simply switch out your cartridge every four months for a water that is fresh and clean for up to a year. 

With special system controls, you can set your sanitation schedule based on your personal hot tub usage. Your system will prompt routine water testing approximately every 10 days, allowing you to adjust your chlorine production when necessary. Unnecessary chemicals are eliminated, leaving you with water that is fresh, clean, and clear for longer. And with a drain and fill needed only once a year, you’ll save time and money as you focus on more important things like enjoying your hot tub with the ones you love.

The Watkins Wellness® FreshWater® Ozone System reduces your need for chlorine by utilizing the power of ozone to clean your spa water. Combining the strength of the FreshWater® III high-output ozone generator with MPS non-chlorine oxidizer and silver ions, you’ll have protection against contaminants in your water with this easy-to-use system.

You will enjoy benefits like constant cleaning, simple maintenance, and fewer chemicals. Ozone and silver ions release continuously into your water, sanitizing and protecting your spa from contaminants. All that’s required is a dose of MPS each time you use the spa. Add chlorine each week for water that is clean, clear, and beautiful. With fewer chemicals, you’ll save money and have more time to enjoy your relaxing hot tub.

SilkBalance™ is a great alternative for fresh, sparkling clear water. The technology removes unwanted minerals and metals from your spa water. With this advanced mineral technology, you can eliminate contaminants in your water that can damage your pumps and filters over time. As the contaminants are removed, water becomes smooth and soft, leaving a clean scent that is refreshing and inviting.

Simply shake and apply SilkBalance once a week for advanced water care that balances your water’s pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. The self-adjusting formula protects your hot tub equipment by changing the composition of the water. This makes limescale and calcium build-up unable to attach to your spa shell, jets, and seats, allowing it to be collected in the filters. You’ll find more powerful water flow and equipment that’s protected from the damage that can come with unwanted mineral deposits. With two convenient sizes, you can apply your SilkBalance as needed. Sign up for IHT’s convenient autoship and add SilkBalance to your order today!


IHT offers the leading services for your home hot tub or swim spa. Our in-house service and customer care department has a factory trained team of qualified technicians who are dedicated to keeping your spa working at top performance. And with IHT’s office in Denver, you’ll have easy access to the service and repair options you need for your beautiful hot tub or swim spa. Call 303-296-7727 and ask for customer care.

Our service department is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. If you have an issue that needs attention, please leave a message at (303) 296-7727 and we will contact you on Monday when we return to the office.

Absolutely. If you ever find yourself away and your hot tub needs attention, or if you own a vacation home that has recently had visitors, we are happy to customize a maintenance plan based on your individual needs. Call IHT at (303) 296-7727 and ask for customer care for our the service department to get started.

Our exceptional valet service offers a one-of-a-kind experience in keeping your spa clean and cared for. Whether you have a hot tub or a swim spa that requires weekly, bi-weekly, or quarterly attention, we can design a maintenance plan that’s right for you. Our routine service offers cleaning you can count on. Your spa will be ready and waiting for you whenever you want to use it. With these optional services, you can choose the maintenance program that’s right for you.

  • Checking and balancing your water
  • Cleaning filters
  • Vacuuming
  • Water top-off
  • Waterline shell cleaning
  • Cover cleaning and conditioning
  • Quarterly spa drain and fills
  • Maintenance reports

We have many frequently used parts in stock but it depends on the part that your spa needs.  Although some parts may require a special order, we offer the largest in-stock parts in the Rocky Mountain region. This allows us to quickly access and repair your spa if there is ever an issue. You’ll be up and running in no time with exceptional service from IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces.

From hot tubs to swim spas, fireplaces to automated gazebos, our highly skilled technicians are masters at maintaining and repairing the products you love from IHT. If you purchased an item from our store, we offer the warranty and non-warranty service that you need.

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