Hot tub trade-ins can put you in an upgraded model.

Have you ever considered a trade-in of your existing hot tub? Hot tub trade-ins are an excellent way to get you into the newest hot tub model for your needs. Just like trading in your old vehicle for a new and improved model, you can find trade-in value from your old spa to apply toward the purchase of a new one. And at IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces, it couldn’t be easier. Today is the day to see how much your used hot tub trade-in is worth!

4 Fantastic Reasons to Trade In Your Used Hot Tub

If you have previously owned a hot tub, you already know all of the amazing reasons why hot tub ownership is truly one of the most relaxing experiences at home. From the soothing massage action of the jets to the warmth of the water that helps melt away stress and discomfort, there’s no better space than your own spa oasis. And when it comes to relationships, your hot tub is a dedicated place to connect with the ones you love most. As you look through the most recent models, you probably notice some fantastic upgrades that your current spa doesn’t have. If only you could trade in your old hot tub for a technologically advanced spa that checks all the boxes.

Thankfully, at IHT Hot Tubs & Fireplaces, you can make the trade-in in a convenient, cost-effective way! The ease of getting into a newer spa model is a wonderful perk of making IHT your local hot tub dealer. Want to know more? Here are four great reasons to upgrade your hot tub.

1. Extra Seating & Advanced Hydrotherapy

Has your family grown since you made your original hot tub purchase? Hot tub trade-ins can help you expand your space. Whether you have added kids or grandkids, in-laws, or friends, a hot tub upgrade is a great way to get the seating and jet arrangements you need. From luxurious in-spa lounge seats to arrangements for up to eight people, IHT offers an array of hot tubs with the most advanced hydrotherapy and ergonomic seating on the market today. With brands like Hot Spring®, Caldera®, Freeflow®, BestLife®, and Nordic Hot Tubs™, there’s a newer spa model that can check off all your must-have seating and jet features for a spa ownership experience like no other.

2. Upgraded Amenities

With the speed of technological advancements, hot tub technology has kept pace with some fantastic new upgrades. Have you ever wanted in-spa audio or video options? It’s now possible to stream the big game, watch a date night movie, play your favorite tunes or podcast, or even listen to the newest New York Times bestseller right from the comfort of your own spa!

Have you ever gone to work and regretted that you didn’t bump up your spa temperature before you left home? Not to worry. With new remote spa controls through an app on your smartphone, you can control your water temperature from anywhere in the world. Just set your spa temp to the perfect setting and it will be ready and waiting for a luxuriously warm soak as soon as you step in the door.

3. Easier Maintenance

Hot tub maintenance options continue to get better and better as the years go on. With the new FreshWater™ Salt System, you can experience clean, clear water for up to a year with a simple cartridge system. Stop worrying about chlorine and start looking forward to spa maintenance time. Your new FreshWater Salt System produces its own chlorine – meaning you’ll spend less time balancing your chemicals and more time enjoying your spa. Remove the guesswork of spa maintenance and delay drain and fills for up to one year. Just swap out the cartridge a few times a year for water that is soft and clean.

4. Energy-Efficient Savings

Finally, if your current spa is costing you too much in monthly expenses, an upgrade can bring savings you’ll love. New and improved insulation, energy-saving circulation pumps, and LED lighting on new spa models all contribute to lower monthly utilities that will make any spa owner happy. And with a new custom-fit cover that perfectly fits your new hot tub, you can keep all that precious heat right where it belongs – in your spa.

Hot tub trade-ins are just the beginning of the wonderful world of new spas that are waiting. Are you ready to check out your options for a new and improved spa retreat? Enter your used hot tub information in the form to see how much your trade-in is worth. Then, schedule your free test soak to see firsthand the difference an upgraded hot tub can make in your life.

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