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The ProdigyⓇ hot tub delivers the same exceptional performance you would expect from any Hot SpringⓇ spa in a more compact design. Its 5 seats are arranged to create a spacious tub environment while simultaneously conserving floor space, making it a superb fit for both large and small spaces.




Its 3 bucket seats each feature a unique composition of directional and rotary jets to address specific muscle groups. One bucket seat features a Moto-Massage® DX Jet that sweeps 2 separate streams of water up and down your back. The 2 bench seats also contain their own jet profiles. One contains a pair of SoothingStream® Jets while the other contains an adjustable JetStream® Jet.

Users have the power to adjust the mix of air and water streaming from the jets through the Comfort Control® System. Between the seating designs, jet composition, and massage controls, you’ll be able to program your soak to specifically address your needs.


The Prodigy model is a clear leader in the market of mid-sized hot tubs. In total, the tub contains 28 jets distributed across 5 seats within a 45.5-square-foot area. The result is a wide variety of soaking experiences for owners looking to conserve floor space.

Entertainment & Lighting

The sensory experience is enhanced further through the LED lighting components. The tub’s interior features customizable zone lighting, while the exterior contains multi-colored, timed lighting elements at the corners.

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