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Replacement Covers for your Hot Tub

Energy-efficient hot tub covers from Hot Spring® Spas,  Caldera® Spas, and Freeflow® hot tubs are designed to save you money. Your spa cover is a critical part of the Energy Smart® system, and is key to achieving the energy efficiency that sets Hot Spring and Caldera spas apart. When the time comes, insist on a genuine Hot Spring or Caldera replacement cover.

Energy Efficient Covers

Hot Spring® Spas,  Caldera® Spas, and Freeflow® hot tubs lead the industry in producing highly energy-efficient hot tubs and hot tub covers. Our rigid, vinyl hot tub covers tightly lock in heat with insulating foam cores that increase energy efficiency. Our spa cover will save you money on your energy bill by holding in the heat. With a tight seal, you will save money on your water bill as well because less water is lost to evaporation.

Superior Cover Construction

These heavy-duty, marine-grade vinyl hot tub covers feature a tapered custom-fit core that allows water runoff, while their polyester thread and poly-ply laminate create a vapor barrier to protect the cover from harsh weather, chemicals and intense sunlight. Nylon flaps give the zipper extra strength, helping to protect against breakage and tears. Your hot tub cover is one of the most important factors in the energy efficient design of your hot tub. Covers require regular maintenance and should be inspected yearly for wear and to ensure a tight seal. Since hot tub covers are exposed to the elements, they will eventually need replacement. 

Durable Design

Our hot tub covers are outfitted with exclusive, sturdy brackets for strong support and easy installation of our exclusive cover lifters. Each cover is made with double-stitched vinyl for a durable hinge and extra strong padded handles for long lasting performance. There are 24 reinforced internal stress points in each spa cover, including aluminum reinforcement for increased strength and reduced weight. A hot tub cover lifter extends the life of your hot tub cover. Without a hot tub cover lifter removing, storing and replacing the cover between uses becomes a chore and your hot tub cover can become damaged when placed on the ground, patio or deck. Particularly with a larger hot tub, opening and closing any hot tub cover without a hot tub cover lifter can be a two-person job. With a spa cover lifter, one person can easily open and close the cover, keeping it off the ground. With a Hot Spring or Caldera cover lifter, you are more likely to use your spa because it will be so much easier to open and close the cover.

Safety Certified

Reinforced, adjustable straps make it easy to safely secure the spa cover. Each hot tub cover is UL-classified in accordance with ASTM safety standards, and includes child safety locks for extra protection.

You can get replacement covers for your Hot Spring, Caldera, and Freeflow hot tubs through IHT. 

Special Cover Orders

If you have a brand we do not sell we may be able to order you a special size cover.

Smartop Covers for your Hot Tub

Style. Performance. Longevity.

The Smartop Spa Cover is crafted to meet the utmost quality standards, aiming to deliver a visually appealing and durable hot tub cover that stands out in the market. With the patented and exclusive design, coupled with premium materials, Smartop guarantees a hot tub cover that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Tailored to your specific hot tub requirements, the custom-built cover ensures a flawless appearance and fit. 

Smartop Cover
Smartop cover logo

Strikingly Beautiful

Smartop Cover

Exclusive materials. Modern design. Each Smartop is individually crafted to your preferences, guaranteeing a visually appealing cover that elevates the aesthetic of your spa and its environment.

Built to Last

Smartop Cover

Crafted from top-tier materials engineered to endure the most challenging elements, Smartop Spa Covers stand out for their durability. Every component of our robust spa covers is both repairable and replaceable, setting Smartop apart as a long-lasting option that excels in every aspect when compared to traditional foam covers.


Smartop Cover

Each Smartop spa cover is meticulously crafted with exceptional materials and skillful craftsmanship by dedicated individuals in the USA who take pride in their work. We are delighted to offer an industry-leading three-year warranty. Our pride in the product we’ve designed and manufactured is reflected in our commitment to your satisfaction. Explore the comprehensive Performance Assurance Guarantee HERE.

Safe and Secure

Smartop Cover

Efficient and user-friendly cover lockdowns, featuring a combination padlock, safeguard the spa against unsupervised and unauthorized access. Smartop’s patented design ensures superior performance, maintaining its structural integrity even when faced with challenges like snow load, children, animals, tree limbs, and other external factors, setting it apart from the competition.


Smartop Cover

Smartop is devoid of maintenance needs and doesn’t demand expensive surface treatments or conditioning. The sturdy polymer panels and DecoShield overlay are effortlessly cleaned with just dish soap and water, making the process fast and easy. With no stitched seams to attend to or foam to flip, owning Smartop is a hassle-free experience.

Heat Retention

Smartop Cover

The heat retention capability (R-value) of Smartop has undergone testing and has demonstrated parity with the highest-rated vinyl covers. In contrast to conventional foam covers, Smartop sustains its R-value over its lifespan because its insulation doesn’t absorb moisture, ensuring consistent heat retention and long-term cost savings.

Non Absorbant Foam

Smartop Cover

Smartop incorporates Owens Corning closed-cell, waterproof foam for insulation, rendering it impervious to water weight gain, eliminating issues like sagging and water puddling. This ensures Smartop remains hygienic and free from mold or odor development.


Smartop Cover

Each year, tens of thousands of conventional foam covers are discarded, contributing to a rapid increase in landfill waste. In contrast, Smartop was conceived with environmental considerations at the forefront. Utilizing superior materials, an innovative design, and components that are both repairable and replaceable, Smartop has the potential to be the ultimate spa cover, eliminating the need for frequent purchases.

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