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The Pulse® is perfect for when you and your friends want a private, convenient getaway. With 7 wide open seats and a central foot pod with Precision jets, it invites conversation, relaxation, and an overall appreciation for the present moment.




Two bench seats and a cool down seat are configured into the tub’s perimeter. The cool down seat is an elevated surface that helps users regulate their body temperature before fully entering or exiting the hot tub.


The Pulse contains 49 jets spread across its 7 seats. Sculpted into each of the hot tub’s 4 corners is a bucket seat complete with Directional Precision® Jets plus a variety of other specialized jets.

Just as the movement and quantity of the jets give you a unique experience in each chair, so too does the jet output. The Comfort Control® System lets you adjust the mix of water and air coming from the jets, resulting in a customized hydromassage that addresses your specific needs.

Entertainment & Lighting

This hot tub’s ability to turn heads is further enhanced by the LED lighting features. The interior contains several points of multi-colored LED light which illuminate the water for a greater therapeutic effect. Each corner of the tub’s exterior contains a beam-like LED element that emits different colors on a timer to improve the ambiance surrounding it.

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CoverCradle II
Lift ‘n Glide®
Limelight® Collection Step or Polymer Step

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