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The RhythmⓇ, with its 7 seats, inspires people to gather for the ultimate hot tub party. Consisting of 4 impressive captain’s chairs, a cooldown seat, and a spacious footwell, it’s built to deliver relaxation and recreation to as many people as possible.




The Rhythm hot tub is a leading example of sophisticated performance within a simple design. Each of the 4 bucket seats contain Directional Precision® jets as well as a variety of other jets for a thorough, targeted hydromassage in your back and feet. The 2 bench seats contain Directional Precision jets as well. A cooldown seat configured into one of the hot tub’s walls lets you sit partially submerged in the water as a way to help regulate your body temperature before entering or exiting the tub completely.


An impressive 40 jets are included in the spa shell. You can optimize your hydromassage through the Comfort Control® System. This feature lets you customize the pressure of your massage by adjusting the ratio of air to water in the jet flow. Whether you want a deep massage to release muscle tension or a gentle massage to promote relaxation, these jets are built to deliver.

Entertainment & Lighting

This high-quality sensory stimulation carries over into the lighting features as well. Multi-colored LED points of light are configured into the tub’s interior. Sleek multi-colored LED elements run vertically along the tub’s exterior corners. These lights are connected to a timer to help you enhance the ambiance around your hot tub.

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CoverCradle II
Lift ‘n Glide®
Hot Spot® Collection Step or Polymer Step

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