Increase Your Rental Property Value With a Hot Tub

If you want to maximize the potential of your rental property, you’ll need to offer amenities that your competition does not. There are a few different ways to do this, but one of the simplest and most effective is to offer the luxury of a hot tub — especially a high-quality, long-lasting Caldera Spas®, Hot Spring®, or Freeflow Spas® tub

Of course, installing a hot tub does require an upfront investment. To ensure you get the most out of your investment, take a look at these key factors to consider when it comes to adding a hot tub to your rental property.

The Benefits of Adding a Hot Tub to Your Rental Property

When you add a beautiful hot tub to your rental property, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits. Here are some of the best advantages of investing in a hot tub:

Increased Rent

Incorporating a hot tub into your vacation rental not only enhances its appeal but also justifies a rate increase. With the additional income from each booking, the initial investment will soon be recouped, eventually turning into pure profit over time.

Easier to Fill Vacancies

You’ll find that your rental property draws significantly more eyes when there’s a hot tub listed as one of its amenities. All of those added eyes means you’ll have a better opportunity to find the perfect match for a guests without having to leave your property vacant for prolonged periods.

Less Competition

Few things can make a potential guest’s decision easier than seeing that one of the properties they’re interested in comes with a luxurious hot tub. If you’re looking for a way to get an edge on the competing properties in your area, this is one of the simplest of them all.

Increased Property Value

You may not want to hold onto your rental property forever, and in the event that you do decide to sell, you’re likely to find it much easier and more lucrative when you’ve got a hot tub to offer potential buyers.

Installing a Hot Tub on a Rental Property

If you’re interested in increasing your rental property value with a hot tub, you will need to keep certain factors in mind. For example, it’s a good idea to consider:

Senior couple enjoying a relaxing soak in a hot tub

Initial Costs

Before shopping for hot tubs consider your rental property. Does your rental property have the ability to handle an extra electric source for the hot tub and how much more voltage is safe for your current electric breaker box? Hot tubs normally operate on a 220v hardwired electric source of up to a 60 amp, however, Plug-N-Play models have become very popular for rental properties which only need a 20 amp breaker with a GFCI 120v outlet. Ask your local electric professional what is best for your current situation. 

Where will your hot tub be installed? If planning to give the ultimate viewing experience from a deck or balcony that is more than three feet from the ground, you need to be sure your area is reinforced for safety by a professional engineer. 

Energy Use

In the past, hot tubs were known to use a considerable amount of energy. In the last few years manufacturers have been smart in the remodeling and insulation quality of hot tubs making most of them more energy efficient than ever before. There are still ways to even reduce the energy usage down even more, especially in climate changing areas that may experience frigid winters.  

One way is upgrading to a SmartTop cover or Covana gazebo unit. Newer units also can be equipped with wifi capabilities which allow the owner to operate the tub from their smartphone when not near it. This gives the ability to change filtering cycles and temperature when the rental may be vacant to reduce energy cost even more. 

A man in a hot tub talking to a woman


All hot tubs require regular maintenance of the water, especially in rentals where you want to keep the water as safe and clean for your guests as possible. There are many different mineral and salt systems that are basically self-sufficient as well as regular maintenance schedules from your local International Hot Tub store if you can’t make it to your property on a regular basis. 

A properly maintained hot tub lasts longer and functions at its best.

Added Ambience

Being in the hot tub is obviously the best way to use it but did you know that most hot tubs today offer many more amenities such as bluetooth speakers, cabinet lighting, and waterfall features which can add to the ambience of your outdoor oasis in your rental. 

Improve Your Rental Property With a Luxury Hot Tub

Upgrading your vacation rental property with a hot tub can mean an increase in property value that translates to increased revenue. At International Hot Tubs, we carry the highest-quality brands of hot tubs available, including Caldera Spas®, Hot Springs®, and Freeflow Spas® hot tubs. Contact us today to get started!

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