Newest Hot Tub Gadgets

Owning a hot tub is already an exceptional experience. But imagine taking it to the next level with some incredible enhancements. These remarkable accessories can either elevate your soaking pleasure or simplify the day-to-day maintenance of your hot tub. Let’s dive into these hot tub gadgets that you might want to infuse into your personal oasis.

Innovative Covers

While the conventional hot tub cover is certainly not a novelty, it’s worth exploring the additional choices available. The standard cover is not the only game in town.

Take, for example, the Covana hot tub cover. Far from merely keeping your hot tub warm and clean, it acts as an automated gazebo, offering extra comfort, privacy, and protection from the sun. When you’re ready to jump in, simply turn a key, and your Covana cover transforms into an exquisite gazebo within seconds.

automated covana hot tub cover in opened and closed positions

SmartTop Cover is the only maintenance free cover that is built to outlast any standard hot tub cover in the industry. Not only does this cover last longer than any cover in the current market but is also energy saving! This cover which may be a little pricier also comes with many benefits that save you money over time. It has a luxury look while still being strong and resilient for any weather. Custom order your SmartTop cover to help not only protect your hot tub investment but also save money on your electric bill. 

Handy Apps

In this age of technology, there’s an app for virtually everything – even your hot tub. Transform your smartphone or tablet into a remote to manage different aspects of your tub with easy-to-use software.

Whether you wish to have your hot tub ready for use when you arrive home after a long day of work, conserve energy by regulating the temperature, or keep an eye on potential maintenance to prevent expensive repairs, your hot tub app has you covered. 

Ask your IHT specialists to find out if the newest app is available for your hot tub. 

Bluetooth Capabilities

Your hot tub is not only for tranquility but also for socializing with guests and enjoying music. A Bluetooth-enabled speaker system designed for your hot tub allows you to effortlessly connect your smart device and play your favorite tunes. Adding music to your outdoors can create a party atmosphere or the soothing spa feel you have been yearning for. Ask about getting your hot tub equipped with an eight-speaker sound system and subwoofer, it promises a fantastic auditory experience.

Hot Spring® Smart Spa System

Though maintaining a hot tub is a labor of love, having some state-of-the-art technology to lessen the effort is always welcomed. The Hot Spring® Smart Spa System does just that.

With this user-friendly system, all you need is a smart device and Wi-Fi to manage various spa functions like lighting, jets, and temperature. You can also keep track of your hot tub’s status and, if needed, quickly connect with your local dealer for service.

Hot Spring® Salt System

hot spring fresh water salt system cartridges in a box

For those looking to minimize hot tub maintenance further, the Hot Spring® Salt System is a superb choice. Traditional hot tubs demand consistent care, including frequent adjustments of chemicals for balanced water and regular water replacement, which can make maintenance frustrating. In contrast, salt water hot tubs require much less effort. The minerals in salt water help maintain cleanliness, reducing the need to change the water as often. This not only saves time but also cuts down on expenses, as there’s less need to purchase and use chemicals regularly.

Enhance Your Spa with IHT

Interested in incorporating any of these modern gadgets into your hot tub? Reach out to IHT today or visit your nearest location. It’s time to transform your hot tub into an even more pleasurable and convenient haven!

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